Sunday, 12 July 2009

New kid on the blog, parts 3 & 4

Ok, I'm cheating. But I forgot last week, and anyway I found these blogs together, on the same day. And they're both great. Ladies first, so allow me to introduce Hannah Gray, or 'muddlingalongmummy', a city-worker, mummy-blogger (obviously) and chicken-keeper, attempting to balance 'me-life, work-life and mummy-life'. Next, it's GoonerJamie, fellow househusband, blogger (again, obviously) and self-styled 'dad trying to do his best'.
Both bloggers recently posted on the subject of the dreaded household chores. Jamie has been painting (houses - well, his!) while Hannah has been making lists in order not to 'drop the many balls' she has to keep in the air.
Reading them encouraged me to reflect on my own chaotic approach to all things domestic. I like to be organised, I really do. In fact, I am. But only about certain things. And some of the time. Domestically, I'll create a meal from whatever's in the fridge/freezer. Sarah, on the other hand, has the idea first, then investigates what's in the cupboard before shopping for the necessary ingredients and creating an elaborate and sumptuous feast. I can vacuum for England (I'm in training almost daily) but I never get round to dusting. I don't notice dust, unless it's so thick that it needs vacuuming. Since I sacked the window-cleaner I've been head of that department, too. And although I might not do them often, when they're cleaned by me they stay clean for a darn site longer. (It's the water, you know!)
I'm fully house-trained, really. But I can't stand the thought of a routine for anything. Years of being 'summoned by bells' are taking their toll, I suppose. In the immortal words of Freddie Mercury, 'I want to break free'. Video to follow. Maybe. If I dare!
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