Friday, 31 July 2009

All aboard...

...the Pampers Sleep Train! Apparently the biggest worry for parents isn’t money but getting a good night's sleep. In a recent survey over 25,000 parents said the biggest challenge of parenthood is a lack of sleep, with nine out of ten even going so far to call it ‘priceless’. Having had the last six nights disturbed - and seriously - by another bout of croup I'm tempted to agree. On Thursday I was awake from 4 a.m. with Charlie wheezing through the monitor like a mini Darth Vader; by six o'clock he was struggling so badly that I drove him to the hospital. Half a day - and some steroids - later he was back home and sleeping a little more soundly. Last night was better, although he still woke himself (and us) up coughing several times. He's sleeping again now. Peacefully. And I'm half-tempted to join him.

We're lucky though. Unless he's ill, Charlie sleeps quite well. He wakes early, of course. What baby doesn't? But we haven't really had much trouble establishing a routine that works for him and ensure we all get a reasonable night's sleep. And having suffered badly this week, I have immense sympathy for those who haven't managed it yet.

But help is at hand if that's you. The Pampers Golden Sleep Train is stopping at the following venues throughout August, complete with interactive, information-filled carriages and a resident sleep-expert to provide one-to-one advice to parents.

Westfield Shopping Centre, London, Friday 7th – Sunday 9th August

Trafford Shopping Centre, Manchester Friday 14th – Sunday 16th August

Silverburn Shopping Centre, Glasgow Friday 21st – Sunday 23rd August

It sounds well worth a visit if you're in the area. But if you're not, there'll be some top-notch advice on the Pampers Village website. And with any luck our own golden sleep-train will be back on the rails very soon. And when it is, it'll be a last 'good-night' from him!


  1. Had sleepless nights with Olly for 11 years!!!!!

    No wonder I'm a bit 'cuckoo' now!

    So, just coming out of that and the teenage years about to hit!

    Why does no-one tell you what to expect?

    Is it a secret?

    Are our parents/elders secretly pointing and laughing behind our backs saying, 'serve you right, you were a naughty kid anyway!'?

    Mmm...makes you wonder! RMxx

  2. I think that lack of sleep was one of the biggest things I was not prepared for with a new baby. With a prem born 7 weeks early, we didn't have a full night's sleep for nearly a year.

    The funny thing though is, even after mine have been sleeping for a couple years now, I'M STILL TIRED! Not sure what that is all about??

  3. Lordy, D, forgotten the misery of broken nights.

    That Darth Vadar noise scares me to death - and yes, those baby alarms are bloody spooky. Hope he's better soon.


  4. You poor thing. Hope you can get a good nights sleep tonight. AWFUL not to have enough.

  5. Not enough sleep is the killer, oh yes sirree! Our yougest is fine - it's his 8 year old brother that troubles us; asthma often has him awake before 5.30 and hence me and the wife too. The tot sleeps through the lot. I envy him that.

  6. 11 years? That's 'cruel and unusual punishment' as defined by the UN, Rebel Mum. You could get compensation!

    You're still catching up I reckon, AMM!

    It was bad Jenny, but I think the baby monitors made it sound even worse. You're right - scary!

    We've got our fingers crossed, LBWM. And our eyes are almost closed...

    Yup, Steve, I sympathise. The best bit yesterday was when the paediatrician told us he'd 'grow out of it' by age seven. Only another five-and-a-half years to go... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  7. Hope he is better soon and peace is restored, we have had a mixed bag. Girls have both been great but Matthew consistently wakes for a drink and visit to the toilet, however having put him to sleep in the same room as his sisters he is sleeping until 630, much better than 5!

  8. That's a good idea Mel. I wonder if Sally would agree to it?

  9. It's funny. While pregnant the biggest fear expressed in birthing classes etc. was how long it would take before both parents were working again. Once born, all I heard about was sleep.

    Your statististics seem frighteningly accurate.

    Having two asthmatic children I feel for you. There is nothing worse than having a sleeping child who you're staying awake for to make sure they're still breathing. Hope he feels better soon, poor guy!

  10. He's a lot better now, thanks Dawn. We've had a reasonably quiet night and he's much more like himself, at last!

  11. Glad I popped in to see how your lovely little man is doing, and I am sorry to hear he hasn't been too well. Hope he is better very soon.
    Teenager was a pretty good sleeper really, when he was little. I think we were pretty lucky.
    Now I worry he isn't getting enough sleep- I blame facebook! How the times change.

  12. Just as well we have no little fancies about the place - I sleep poorly enough without help.

    Poor Charlie and his croup.

  13. Poor little Charlie. Squiffany was ill with croup all nigh of Christmas Eve when she was 9 months old and ended up in hospital, but she's never had it since.

    My children seem to have managed the sleep routine with their babies much better than I did with mine.

  14. Hey Dottie!

    Tagged you for a Meme if you want, over at mine.


  15. Great to hear from you again, Jo! And - yes - Charlie's much, much better now. Back up to his old mischief!

    It's amazing how a few bad nights can bring everything crashing down, FF. We're catching up a bit now, at least.

    It's frightening isn't it, Z? We're keeping our fingers crossed that it doesn't happen again.

    Right, RM. I'm on my way to have a look!

  16. I think lack of sleep can be the hardest thing, but lack of leap when they're ill takes it all a stage further as you're not only shattered but also so worried.

    I hope Charlie is much much better and that you're all in the land of nod as I write. Im heading that way myself after this. Take care.

  17. When my son was six, I made a comment about how lovely it was to FINALLY be sleeping through the night...ahhh...sweet dreams...two days later I found out I was pregnant and haven't slept through the night since! True story!

    (hope your wee guy is feeling much better!)

  18. Hi, got onto your site without it crashing! (Must do something about this computer.)

    Sorry to hear about Charlie's croup and your/his lack of sleep. My little boy didn't sleep for his first year and I nearly went insane (seriously!)

    Hope you get some sleep and Charlie feels better soon.


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