Saturday, 27 June 2009

Recycle fail!

I tried. I really did. I signed up for a waste-free day; I practised a few times earlier in the week with varying success. On Tuesday the sum total of my litter was the wrapper from a dishwasher tablet and the stalk from a bunch of grapes. On Wednesday, I gave the fat I trimmed from the ham to the birds, and put the potato peelings on the garden. I even used an eggshell as a slug-deterrent and a cork from a bottle of red wine as a safety cap for a garden stake. It was going so well. Until Friday. D-day. And then what happened? Charlie happened, several times in fact, and each time in one of his - you guessed - disposable nappies.
So the beard's got to go. Take a last look if you want to...

And you can find out how my fellow bloggers fared by clicking here.

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