Saturday, 27 June 2009

Recycle fail!

I tried. I really did. I signed up for a waste-free day; I practised a few times earlier in the week with varying success. On Tuesday the sum total of my litter was the wrapper from a dishwasher tablet and the stalk from a bunch of grapes. On Wednesday, I gave the fat I trimmed from the ham to the birds, and put the potato peelings on the garden. I even used an eggshell as a slug-deterrent and a cork from a bottle of red wine as a safety cap for a garden stake. It was going so well. Until Friday. D-day. And then what happened? Charlie happened, several times in fact, and each time in one of his - you guessed - disposable nappies.
So the beard's got to go. Take a last look if you want to...

And you can find out how my fellow bloggers fared by clicking here.


  1. God loves a tryer haha, don't worry your in good company i failed my task too. Looking forward to seeing the after pics lol

  2. You haven't seen what's underneath, WoB. Come to that, nor have I for a very long time...

  3. Love it.... :)

    I should make a pledge too, but I'm not one to set myself up for failure!!!! (she says but then looks at her stock of Bambino Mio reusable nappies which the family have started taking bets on how long I'll last using them ... the b**tards!!)

  4. Bye, bye beard, hello smooth soft skin!

  5. Are you going to recycle it into a jumper for Charlie?

  6. Hold on. Are you trying to tell me that Charlie didn't do a poo until Friday??????

  7. pretty impressive attempt! You should have got Charlie to bring the nappies to the bin (yuck) and maybe it wouldn't have counted?

  8. You used just the one eggshell as a slug-deterrent? Kind of symbolic, I suppose!

  9. No! not the beard! The best intellectuals have beards! Patches on the elbows and a pipe are not enough !!!

  10. Send him over here. We have the sheep shearers in today, they'll sort that beard out....!!

    CJ xx

  11. bye bye beard. Hello chin!


  12. At least you remembered to buy some reusable nappies, OMG! That was my big problem...

    Smooth? Soft? Why do you think I grew it in the first place, DJ?

    What a good idea, NB. (Although the length would probably only yield a sock at present!)

    I wish MT! That boy could poo for England. And Scotland. And probably Wales. But Friday was to be my zero-waste day, and I forgot to buy the terry-towelling nappies.

    If only I'd thought of that, Cartside, I might have kept the beard!

    One has to be creative when trying to recycle, Gadjo. And as it happens I'll try anything harmless to any form of human life to get rid of slugs and snails. You should see my hosta!

    Well, that just proves what I've always known then, Jenny. I'm a lightweight!

    Hmmm, thanks for the offer CJ. Can I get back to you on that one?

    Hope it's still there after all this time, RM.

  13. Great try though dude. And I wouldn't beat yourself up. Went and got some shopping this morning, with my hessian bags. I asked at the till what percentage of people still have plastic bags, and I was disappointed to hear her answer, admittedly unqualified, that around 75% of people still take new plastic bags.

  14. Good effort. I assume you'll be off to buy terry towelling nappies now then? Nice!

  15. Hmmm, that's very disappointing, Ian. But - in my experience of standing in the queue at supermarkets - not entirely surprising.

    Of course, Rosie (*fingers crossed behind my back*)!

  16. Soooo....are we going to see a photo of the naked chin :-D

    Thanks for joining in and when you look back at hardly threw anything away.

    P.S. Here' another smile in memory of the beard :-D#

  17. Unless you are not experiencing the hot weather that the rest of the UK is having, I would imagine that you would be glad to shave off a beard.

  18. Have you really given your best shot or you just wanted an excuse to show us your "new" face? Where is the photo after shaving by the way? Ciao. A.

  19. But it was a great test wasn't it to really look at how much we waste. Good for you for taking the challenge.

  20. It's coming right up AMA. But I've got to find a razor that I can recycle...

    Oh, we are (but it's not quite as hot in Lincs as Cheshire, CW).

    Coming, Antonella. Honest!

    Well, yes. And I'm definitely going to have another go, Serena.


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