Saturday, 20 June 2009

Fancy a walk?

Because, if you do, then Dan - part-time stay-at-home dad and part-time mental-health nurse - has just the thing. His latest post at 'All that comes with it' gives details of an epic stroll across the country, planned for August in aid of the Joseph Salmon Trust (which supports parents who have lost a child by providing financial assistance to those who need it most). So this week's 'New Kid on the Blog' (to me) is a fellow stay-at-home father, a man with a recipe for homemade playdough and a balloon-sculpter with designs on Ladie's Day at Ascot. I get worn out just reading about the stuff Dan does!
And, talking of charity events - one of our very own was conceived last Sunday on a cycle-ride along the River Witham. This summer, sometime (on a day determined by, among other things, the sunshine, heat, and lack of wind and rain) Sally and I will be doing our very own sponsored cycle-ride to from Boston to Lincoln. You can read about the route we're taking here or you can see it on the map or view an aerial photo here. Sally's chosen the charity - a group providing respite care for families of children with severe disabilities, and I'll post some details nearer the time.
There. I've told you. And Sally's already started training, so there's no backing out now. ...


  1. Best of luck sweetie, what is it about these bloody bikes? Do a sponsered drive or bus ride instead! xxxx

  2. Good luck with your bike ride

  3. Me too Ian!

    Thanks Jenny and Suburbia. Cycling's much more eco-friendly!

  4. You conceived another child last Sunday on a cycle-ride along the River Witham? I think I've misunderstood. Sorry, and have clearly spend too much time on other peoples' overly salacious blogs ;-)

  5. Salacious blogs, Gadjo? Do such things exist?

  6. Best of luck !

    p.s. I've tagged you over at mine ... !

  7. Good luck! Sounds like a great walk and a good cause. Let me know if I can help publicise in any way.

  8. Thanks MaM. I'll be over to yours in a jiffy.

    And thanks too, Susanna. I'll send you the details a little nearer the time if that's ok.

  9. And she's off!

    Happy Belated Father's Day.

  10. Don't you need to train? Or are you giving Sally a head start? Good Luck for when it happens.

  11. Thanks, Serena.

    Me? Train? Of course, I'm giving Sally a head start, CW!


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