Thursday, 7 May 2009

Young Minds Book Award 2009

"Can you 'write' yourself well? And if you don't like the story life has written for you, can you change it?"
So begins the blurb for my book, Writing Therapy. I've been extremely lucky, getting some fantastic reviews (the most recent here and here). And now - drumroll - I can announce that the book has been longlisted for the Young Minds Book of the Year Awards 2009. You can find out about the awards here. And any teens out there can also get involved in the reviewing process. It's a simple as sending them an e-mail!
Looking at the company I'm keeping on the longlist, I'm under no illusions. Although Writing Therapy is about a teenager, it wasn't written specifically for a teenage audience. But there are ten books here with a real chance of helping the growing number of teenagers and young people who suffer in some way from mental illness. Thankfully, treatment these days isn't as barbaric as that suffered by my protagonist, Sophie. But the stigma remains, and Young Minds is one of a growing number of charities doing its best to help reduce it.


  1. This is great and well deserved. Congrats!

  2. Nice one Tim.

    Good luck with the award.

  3. Thanks Sue, Ian & Halo. Fingers crossed!

  4. Oh well done - I'm proud to know you (well, virtually know you).

  5. Tim, that is absolutely wonderful. Congratulations. I'm going to promote it on my blog. Good luck.

  6. Cool..well done; great achievement

  7. Wow Tim, that's brilliant, I have everything crossed for you. I look a bit odd but it's worth it.

  8. Excellent!
    Well deserved.

    In response to your comment on my comment... quite the contrary. Having an excuse to lie in bed and read all day cured me of the flu much faster. Not all books could do that. I get too antsy.

    I think this is a great read for teens, and I was quite impressed with A) how you captured a female voice, and B) really tapped into the angst of a hormonal teenage girl.
    I think mental illness or not, teens will be able to relate to your book. You brought back memories of feelings I had quite happily left behind 20 years ago. Not everyone can capture the confusion and angst that one experiences during adolescence.
    As a writer, I feel like you addressed quite a few questions I regularly grapple with. Writing Therapy, both the technique and the practice, could be very freeing for a lot of young minds.


  9. Aren't virtual friends the best, FF?

    That's very good of you, Rosie. Much appreciated!

    Thanks, NB. (PS: Did you know you feature in chapter one?)

    Gosh, Jo - the awards aren't until November. I think you may uncross things until then!

    Thanks for your comments, Serena. I'm delighted you enjoyed it (and it didn't make the 'flu feel worse). I suppose the teenage voice - and the inspiration - comes from working with teens, day-to-day, for twenty years. I've had some good feedback from teenage readers, too. I suppose you never really know, when writing something, who it might 'connect' with. Thanks for your good wishes.

  10. Wow that is great news! Congratulations!

  11. Well done - looks like all your hard work has been worth more ways than one. Hope you win!! x

  12. I have more good news ... highlighting your blog on mummy (daddy?) bloggers this week...

  13. I'm glad that you have at the very least got some educated attention! Good luck with the competition.

  14. Congrats on being longlisted :)

  15. That's fantastic, Tim. I'll try to get my teenage son to read it and review it. He's not a great reader (except for Harry Potter and similar books) but he write very well. Ciao. A.

  16. Thanks, Denyse.

    Well, it's rather nice to know that other people like what you've been doing, MT.

    Goodness, thanks AMM. I'd better buy a lottery ticket this week!

    Thanks, Robert. Young Minds are nothing if not educated!

    Thanks, Sub!

    That'd be great, Antonella. Hope he likes it.

  17. Congratulations - that is a great achievement to be nominated. And i very much look forward to reading the book. (And very much hope you win.)

  18. Bravo! Congratulations! What a fantastic achievement! Way to go!

  19. Thanks, Nicola. Let me know what you think of it.

    Thanks, Dawn!


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