Sunday, 31 May 2009

Things we learnt on our holidays

Last week we swapped the wall-to-wall sunshine of south Lincolnshire for the (almost) wall-to-wall sun of the south coast. In the course of a week's relaxation on the sand we've learned a few things, such as...
  1. Charlie's hair needs cutting. In the hotel pool his curls extended half-way down his back;
  2. Family-friendly might not mean friendly to your family;
  3. You can't order from the children's menu unless you've put in your request at breakfast. But you don't know if you want to until you've seen the regular menu in the evening;
  4. A hotel will hide its free wi-fi until the last few hours of your stay, by which time you'll have seven hundred e-mails to delete;
  5. It sometimes rains in Bournemouth;
  6. The only one who always wants to dance is Charlie, which everyone finds very entertaining;
  7. Everyone, that is, except the entertainer...
  8. A hotel sound-system can so easily sabotaged by little fingers. And in the middle of a song...
  9. The highlight of a holiday which including daily swimming, sand-castle building, picnicking and steam-train riding will be a routine journey back from Sandbanks on the top deck of a 'buh'.
  10. No matter how good the weather's been, the hottest, warmest day will always be the day you leave.


  1. Sounds like the place you stayed was a little prissy surrounding children. Still, at least you had the weather.

  2. Nothing like real children to test how family friendly a place actually is!

    There's a reason why nobody cuts boys hair with curls. The curls are so darn lovely.

    Sounds like a nice trip despite a few glitches.

  3. Yep, been there, done all 10 (or variations on the same theme)!

  4. I stayed at the Sandbanks hotel a very long time ago (when I was about 10). And yes, the hottest day is always the last day. Happened for us too.

    CJ xx

  5. It sounds like a lot of fun was had by all! The nipper needs a short back and sides though.....

    And so....this cuppa in the market place....

  6. Glad you had a nice time, and you had a good laugh at the stuffy folk.

  7. I always enjoy an account of holidaying with children. I have nothing but admiration for anyone taking small children anywhere.

    Did Charlie really sabotage the PA system? Good lad!

  8. You should have come to Brighton - we have all sorts here....its most fun.

    Stoney beaches though - not good for sandcastles, or sitting on - you bum goes to sleep.

    Good for pelting with though.... oops I've said too much RMx

  9. We certainly did, Dan - on all except Wednesday, when (apparently) it was raining almost everywhere.

    They are lovely Serena - but they're also very, very long. It'll only be a 'trim' (not a buzz!).

    Ah but - how often, DD?

    We couldn't afford Sandbanks, CJ. I don't think anyone can afford Sandbanks these days...

    Spoken like a true ex-serviceman, Simon. I'll send you an e-mail re: the cuppa.

    Oh, we certainly did Ian. Mind you, the views weren't as good as yours!

    It was the entertainer's radio-mike cum hi-fi, Liz. All those flashing lights were just too much temptation...

    D'you know RM, I've never been to Brighton. Mind you, I do like a sandy beach...

  10. Well if the entertainer was grumpy, then good for Charlie and his fingers!

    It may rain in Bornemouth, but never ever in Brighton. erm

  11. Apart from the booking children menu (which makes no sense) it does sound like a good holiday. Do agree on the hottest day being the last one though

  12. You're a braver family than us. We may have a family holiday one day, but for now it's easier to stay at home!!

  13. You ventured into a British Pool! I take my swimming hat off to you- aha theres an idea. Dont cut the little fellas hair it sounds lovely. I wish toddler boy had more hair...
    Its an unwritten rule of the world that the best days are always spent travelling in the car. I can recall childhood holidays with similar scenarios but the added aroma of sick.

  14. There were a few people in the audience who would agree with that, NB!

    What made it doubly difficult to understand, Laura, was the fact that it was simply 'nursery' food like fish fingers and pizza. If it'd have been the other way round (the food at the hotel was very good) it would have made more sense.

    I know that feeling Sandy. And I experience it several times a day when we're away. But back in the comfort of your own home, it all seems so worthwhile...

    We had that aroma when we got back, Zoo. And as for the pool, it was indoors!

  15. Never a dull moment! C's school was near there so i know it well.

  16. Requesting a children's meal in the morning?! Reminds me of my friend's mother who used to request said friends Chinese takeaway option before she left for work on a Fri one wants to think about it THAT early! Do they?
    I'm noting how long my son's hair is getting...we are going for the chop on Wednesday; I've only been avoiding it for...ohhh..3 months!

  17. Well, there were a few Jen - chiefly on Wednesday, when it rained all day!!

    Ha ha, yes! Not something you want to think about at breakfast, Katherine!

  18. That last one is an eternal problem isn't it?! Why is that do you suppose? :)

  19. Doesn't sound remotely family friendly to me. But it does sound as if you had a great holiday. And I hope that the trip home didn't leave you in need of another one!

  20. Must be some universal law, Sub - the same one that says when that, when the sun is at its highest, you'll be crawling at 3mph in a queue of traffic.

    Some parts were very friendly, FM. But others (like the strange menu rules) left a lot to be desired. Still, we had a great time (and the journey home wasn't too bad).


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