Sunday, 31 May 2009

Things we learnt on our holidays

Last week we swapped the wall-to-wall sunshine of south Lincolnshire for the (almost) wall-to-wall sun of the south coast. In the course of a week's relaxation on the sand we've learned a few things, such as...
  1. Charlie's hair needs cutting. In the hotel pool his curls extended half-way down his back;
  2. Family-friendly might not mean friendly to your family;
  3. You can't order from the children's menu unless you've put in your request at breakfast. But you don't know if you want to until you've seen the regular menu in the evening;
  4. A hotel will hide its free wi-fi until the last few hours of your stay, by which time you'll have seven hundred e-mails to delete;
  5. It sometimes rains in Bournemouth;
  6. The only one who always wants to dance is Charlie, which everyone finds very entertaining;
  7. Everyone, that is, except the entertainer...
  8. A hotel sound-system can so easily sabotaged by little fingers. And in the middle of a song...
  9. The highlight of a holiday which including daily swimming, sand-castle building, picnicking and steam-train riding will be a routine journey back from Sandbanks on the top deck of a 'buh'.
  10. No matter how good the weather's been, the hottest, warmest day will always be the day you leave.

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