Thursday, 23 April 2009

Dead giveaway...

Words are something I'm quite keen on. English was always my best school subject; I've been scribbling purposefully since the age of about twelve, and on those awful mangement training things I used to have to go on I was always group scribe. I seem to have passed on the ability to Sally, too. She's now official 'poet-laureate' to the family, in recognition of her ability to pen the most appropriate verses on demand. She's even published (courtesy of Lulu) one of those traditional slim volumes, called 'Pink Poems'.
Charlie's got a way to go then, but after a slow-ish start he's suddenly getting into his stride, words-wise. New words (or neologisms) are minted almost every day, and most are the kind of things you might expect. But there are also some surprises. Anyway, as we're now into double-figures I thought I'd better start recording them. And what more auspicious day for doing so than the birthday of England's national wordsmith? Actually, Shakespeare and Charlie have got one thing in common - if they can't find the right word, they both make one up! So, a St George's Day competition for you all. How many of Charlie's first words can you translate? Here's a list of the most frequently-used words, most of which are nouns and all of which are spelt phonetically -
  • iggoo
  • amm-mar
  • aieee
  • dar
  • cah
  • mamama
  • dadah
  • oggleog
  • nana
  • ayaya
  • bah-bah
  • bah
  • buh
  • aiee-ya
  • did-uh
Too easy, surely? First prize - a signed copy of my next book In a Mum's World... (Crumbs - I'd better get it written...Meanwhile, enjoy the cover.)


  1. Lovely picture!!!

    I can only guess at mamama - mum, dadah - dad, nana - nan, bah - bath, cah - cat???? Although i have a feeling im completely wrong :)

  2. Like father, like son - see your spelling of Shakespeare under Labels. The bard would ahve approved, though, I'm sure.

  3. Love this, Tim! One of my youngest's first words was also "bah" which to him meant "back", as in "give it back, you mean older brother!" But Charlie can't possibly have that problem with his poetess sister!

  4. Charlie's not bad-looking either, Laura!

    Oh, you're closer than you think, Halo. Very good!

    Well, he could never decide how to spell it himself, could he DD?

    I wouldn't go that far, Sue - although 'bah' does mean something different here...

  5. Right in my attempt to win your book I shall take this seriously.

    Iggoo - Thankyou
    Amm-mar - Grandma
    aieee - ouch
    dar - there
    cah - cat
    mamama - Mummy
    dadah - Daddy
    oggleog - yoghurt
    nana - banana
    ayaya - highchair
    bah-bah - baby
    bah - bath
    buh - bug
    aiee-ya - big ouch
    did-uh - sister

    Btw, do pop over to mine for a visit. Consider this an official invitation!


  6. What a lovely picture! I love the sound of an oggleog! x

  7. What a beautiful photo, you both look so happy

  8. Here's my foolish attempt (gosh, I should get a life...!)

    iggoo = Iggle Piggle (ITNG)
    amm-mar = Grandma
    aieee = Sally
    dar = that
    cah = cat
    mamama = banana
    dadah = Daddu
    oggleog = little dog
    nana = Other Grandma
    ayaya = papaya (they do grow wild in your garden, right?)
    bah-bah = sheep
    bah = bath
    buh = book
    aiee-ya = Sally - there
    did-uh = dinner

    Are any close?

  9. How long 'til he says....
    .... munny

  10. That is the best book-to-be cover EVER! Here are my guesses but I will be buying a copy of your next book so don't give it to me should I win...'cos I am sooo good at these guessing games (not).

    iggoo - Tickle
    amm-mar - Emma
    aieee - Play
    dar - Star
    cah - Car
    mamama - Mummy
    dadah - Daddy
    oggleog - Dog
    nana - Banana
    ayaya - Papaya
    bah-bah - Bottle
    bah - Bath
    buh - Book
    aiee-ya - Hyena
    did-uh - Didn't

  11. Ooohh, MT, CW and DJ you are all SOOOO close!

    But don't give up - no-one's got a full-set yet!

    You'd love it even more if you heard Charlie say it, Kitty. In fact, I might record it and post it here sometime.

    Yes, AG, a rare moment of peace, tranquility and bliss. And for a short time Charlie was actually stationary.

    Good question, NB. At the mo he doesn't need to say it, he just eliminates it instantly. Honestly, kids are so expensive...

  12. Beautiful photo! I'm a bit past this stage with mine and seem to have lost the knack of translation, though I think I would be better if I could hear him.

    TG's best one was 'elulut' which translated into 'elephant'!

  13. Really good pic of both of you!

  14. I'm going to give it a whirl...(because I want your book!lol!)

    iggoo - Thank you
    amm-mar - Grandma
    aieee - Sally
    dar - star
    cah - car
    mamama - Mommy (Mummy)
    dadah - Daddy
    oggleog - I love you
    nana - banana
    ayaya - water
    bah-bah - bottle
    bah - bath
    buh - bye
    aiee-ya - sally!
    did-uh - sister

    There you have it! I want that book! lol!

  15. OH! Fantastic photo of you two handsome boys!

  16. D'you know I think that's a better word than 'elephant', Sub!

    Thanks, Robert - although it's not my best side...

    Some seriously good suggestions, B&R. And one, in particular, seems very perceptive. You've been reading my blog, haven't you?!!

  17. I thought that I could easily win the book but now I've just discovered that Google don't have a Charlie to English translation service. So I'm clueless.

  18. Hmm.. I think everyone beat me to the rest, but I'm guessing did-uh is dinosaur.

  19. Really, Troy? How will I find out the answers?

    Hmmm, I can see your reasoning ZnT....

  20. OMG! Charlie is a genius! Still a toddler and already speaks Italian toddlerish. See below:

    iggoo = Italian toddler’s word for “uncle”
    amm-mar = ammare = let’s go to the seaside
    aieee = Italian football hooligan scream
    dar = dare = give
    cah = cacca = poo
    mamama =mamma = mum
    dadah = dada [umpa] = Italian cartoon series probably inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    oggleog = google (that’s what my daughter used to call “google” when she was two (and already playing on the computer – shame on me!) PS. She’a half Italian of course!
    nana = nanna = nap
    ayaya = ahi ahi = Italian cry of pain
    bah-bah = barba = beard
    bah = bah = Italian uttering to mean “don’t care”
    buh = Italian dog sound = woof
    aiee-ya = come on, go
    did-uh = didin = Italian toddlers’ word for money

    Congratulations! And to Sally too. What a lovely photo of two gorgeous boys! Ciao. A.

  21. Such a lovely photo! Congrats to Sally and Charlie for his creative english!

  22. Super photo, D, really beautiful.
    And what a lovely post so close to the Bard's birthday.

    I would work those out in a jiffy but i'm due for my next fag xxxxx

  23. I agree with Katy...wonderful photo! Will Self was on Radio 4 recently advocating that the English should evolve as it always has done. So I'm sure...Charlie's words will become the new lingua franca...or lingua to speak!

  24. Gosh, I shouldn't have had that glass of wine before reading your post, Tim. I'm sure I could have cracked it. They all make sense to me!

  25. That is one gorgeous picture. Charlie looks like a mini-you!

    CJ xx

  26. another list:-
    iggoo - thank you
    amm-mar - grandma
    aieee - Charlie or Sally
    dar - there
    cah - car
    mamama - grandmama
    dadah - ta ta! or Dadda
    oggleog - chocolate
    nana - banana
    ayaya - papaya, aeroplane or here you/I are!
    bah-bah - baby, bye-byes (sleep) or sheep (baa baa)
    bah - bath
    buh - book
    aiee-ya - here you are
    did-uh - get up

  27. Talking of the Bard you might be interested to learn about Angela's (Your half cousin twice removed or something!) latest news. It seems that a hitherto unknown but now authenticated painting of the Bard in his younger years has been discovered and is to form the centre-piece of an exhibition in Stratford-upon-Avon this summer. Angela is over the moon at having got herself a part-time job at the exhibition and with her knowledge and passion for Shakespere she is hoping it will lead to greater things!

  28. Five of them are TellyTubby-isms, and the rest are pure Shaekespeare (sic) - I put it you that your son is a plagiarist! ;-)

  29. Aha, a multi-lingual approach. Full-marks for ingenuity, Antonella!

    Thanks, Jen. Creativity abounds at present!

    It'll give you inspiration, Jenny. Writers always smoke in films...

    Thanks, Katy. And thanks Hadriana - lingua Brittanica: I like the sound of that!

    He is, CJ - a 'mini-me'. It's like watching myself as a child. Magical!

    Close, Jinksy, very close.

    Ah, so a family connection to the Bard at last! Thanks, dad.

    Guilty as charged, Gadjo. But then, there's nothing new under the sun...


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