Monday, 16 March 2009


Having mastered walking, it'll only be a matter of time before Charlie starts talking. He's been making all the right sounds now for several weeks. All he needs to do is put them together. I've ruled out indiscriminate 'mama/dada' sounds, which were his first so-called words; the 'tick-tock' noise he always makes when looking at the clock is purely onomatopoeic; and although he makes a passable attempt at 'yoghurt' and 'banana', I'm not sure he's quite there yet with either word. We have high standards here, y'know! But the book I'm running on his first real word is now in chaos after an exciting weekend at my parent's, celebrating mum's birthday. My sister was there too, of course. As was her dog (which rarely leaves her side). And dogs, of course, go 'woof'. And so does Charlie. So is 'woof' his first real word, or can I rule it out on the grounds that it's not human? Edit: said 'woof woof' taking a very much younger Sally for a walk on the cliff-top at Bridlington. She's called 'Maggie'. Yes, after that one!
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