Monday, 30 March 2009


The Radio Four Appeal this week was for the charity, Young Minds. If you missed it (like I did) you can catch it here. Young Minds is a favourite of mine and I was sent an e-mail weeks ago alerting me to the broadcast. I was all geared up to listen. I was up, despite losing an hour of sleep; Charlie was playing quietly; breakfast was over; no nappies needed changing. And yet I only remembered the broadcast hours after it had aired. Last week Mark Steel did a show on Boston, and I missed that, too. In fact, I miss everything these days. It doesn't matter if it's on the radio, on TV or where it is. I blame ‘Listen Again’ or iPlayer or whatever. In the past I used to really listen to a programme. You know – on the radio. When broadcast. I’d sit down and give it my attention, or at least I’d turn the radio up and carry on with what I was doing. But now, I never bother: I just think, I’ll listen again sometime, when it’s convenient (because it never is when they broadcast these programmes; there’s always something else to do). But then I hit the flaw in this cunning plan. I don’t listen again. I keep meaning to, but put it off. Or I forget. And by the time I finally get round to doing it, they’ve taken the damn thing off the website. It's the same for TV programmes. Long ago I used to tape them. Then, weeks later, I'd tape over them. Unwatched. Now, a Freeview box with an internal hard drive means the tottering pile of VHS cassettes won't fall on Charlie. But does it mean I actually watch the programmes? Well, sometimes. For about five minutes, while I decide which ones to delete in order to free up some disc space to record more programmes. Of course, there are some programmes here that we never miss, and which we always watch live. What are they? Yes, you've guessed. And here's the reason why!


  1. Time for TV? You have time for TV?

    When we first moved to Africa we didn't have TV for over a year, and I didn't miss it a bit - not even with having two toddlers!

    Now there are a few specific programmes we watch but most of what is shown is not worth watching anyway. The off button is often the best option!

    Radio's another matter, as I'm more often sorry I've missed something. Anyway - I hope Young Minds gets a good response as a worthy cause.

  2. Yes - know what you mean. Funnily enough I almost missed school this morning because the girls slept so late. Nothing like a huge panic in the morning to set the day up. And yes, am always missing programmes too - even when I Sky Plus them. And as for newspapers - they just pile up and pile up...

  3. ...and now that I am part of the blogging population, there is even less time for TV.

    Btw, your RSS feed keeps on being corrupted. Any idea why this could be?

  4. I agree with you about the 'off' button, Catharine. We (that is Sarah, Sally and myself) could easily live without TV, but Charlie...? CBeebies is really good!

    Oh, we did that yesterday, MT. Everyone's body-clock (including Charlie's) is still on GMT.

    Oh, I know MM. Mind you, blogs are usually a much better read than newspapers these day. No idea what's happening to the RSS feed. I'll see if I can find out. Thanks.

  5. I've a good mind to write a stinking letter to the BBC. It's not good enough, having programmes that last for over 10 mins during toddler awake time! Also, CBeebies is way too interesting. Doesn't put the little ones to sleep at all! Why not put really boring kids' programmes on at 2.30, so that the little ones can be lulled into their afternoon slumber? We parents can then look at one or two of your 30 min programmes in peace...

  6. So agree... have loads of things to watch... and never get round to it... maddening. Can just about cope with which sends us 2 films a month... about my speed...

  7. I rarely have time to watch tv anymore! My kids hijacked our tv long ago....

    I usually try to podcast something if I really wanted to see it.

  8. Oh my goodness! I'll never look at Sporticus in quite the same way again!!! (.........just off for another look!)

  9. That's a great idea Robert. I second that!

    Our average is about two films a year, LBW Mum. Anything more and we just fall asleep before the end. Will it ever improve?

    I've tried the podcasting route, Bee. I've now got about seventy in my iPod, waiting to be heard. The trouble is, they all looked so interesting...

    I know, Sub. Tikkabilla's my new favourite programme. That, and Higgledy-Piggledy house!

  10. Life was so much easier before all this modern technology and new fangled wotsits.

  11. Yes, that i-player isn't as great as people make out. And its not like the old system where you could go back or forward 15 minutes. In fact i think its shit!

    Great for catching up - but like you, i completely forget!


  12. I know, CW - you watched (or listened to) a programme at the time, and if you missed it, did it really matter?

    Which makes me wonder, Jenny, if it's the new technology that tricks us into thinking all this stuff is worth our viewing/listening time. And, of course, most of the time it isn't.

  13. Hang on, you're watching CBebbies because you like the presenters???

    I support Young Minds too, wonderful charity, and Mind as well. They are charities close to my heart for too many reasons to mention.

  14. Well, there's got to be something for the grown-ups, Rosie. It's the reason Dr Who has an assistant, after all!

    And Young Minds is indeed a worthy cause; let's hope they get lots of donations from the appeal (as well as from my book).

  15. I though that CBebbies etc was cartoons - who are these beautiful people?

    (Is there a charity called Middle Aged Minds?)

  16. Oh no, Gadjo - they're all real people for sure! (And I think the answer's no - but shall we start one?)


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