Sunday, 8 March 2009

Fact or fiction?

Thursday was World Book Day. Schools and libraries up and down the country held events galore, and there was a fair amount of press interest. One report suggested that many people lie about the books they've read (which seems bizarre). Another asked people to 'fess up to all those books that they're ashamed they've read. More straighforward was the task set by Sally's school - to come dressed as a character from fiction. She chose (who else?) Hermione Grainger, and with a little help she really looked the part. So here's a meme for those who like that sort of thing. If you could be a character from fiction, which one would you be (and why)?


  1. My daughter went as Hermione Granger on at least a couple of occasions. They love the dressing up days, don't they? For Comic Relief my son is going to school dressed as Elvis :-O

    As for the character from a book ... do you know, that needs a bit of thought.


  2. What a lovely picture of Sally.

    I reckon - for nostalgia's sake - I'd go as Amy from Little Women, because I had to be her in my old ballet school's production when I was about 10. I can still recall the long blue satin dress and the white frilly long pantaloons sticking out. I was very proud that day, but not half as much as my parents were.

  3. My daughter went as Pippi Longstocking last year - they've not done theirs yet this year so don't know what she'll choose

  4. Wonderful pic - She looks as pleased as Punch!

    For the reason of my looks, I could probably do a passable rendition of Mrs Doubtfire, a la Robin Williams!

    Great idea, Sir!

  5. I would be Winnie the Pooh. Blissfully happy humming through life, lots of friends and a house in the country. What more could you ask for?

  6. Sally looks so happy! I would be Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prarie.

  7. I know quite a lot of people who buy the latest biography or trendy novel but never actually get round to reading them. But lying about reading certain books brings with it certain problems: what happens if someone calls your bluff? No worries: Fact is you can just read the blurb at the back and speak quite knowingly about a book!

  8. I think I'd be Miss Marple - all that knitting and nosing around into other people's lives and always having time to do nothing. And always being right!

  9. I'm thinking it might be fun to be someone from the Discworld books, but I'm not sure who. Susan Sto Helit is quite feisty. I wouldn't mind being the librarian from the Unseen University, but having been turned into an orangutan might be a bit inconvenient.

  10. I'd have to be a character from a Jeffrey Archer novel. I've never actually read one so don't know any names, but I bet the hero gets the girl, gets the money and is suave and good looking.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I think I would be Heathcliff but I would do an Open University degree course and surprise Catherine just before she marries Edgar Linton and instead we'd live happily ever after. So just a little different from the book!
    (PS: Got the name right this time!)

  13. Hi Tim, Your daughter would pass as Hermione without any doubt. How clever of her! I don't understand why people would lie about the books they read. If there is a freedom of speach I'm sure there is a freedom of reading too! If I could be a book character I'd surely be Elizabeth Bennet, mainly because I'm totally in love with Mr Darcy (both as a book character and a tv-star aka Colin Firth!). Ciao. A.

  14. That's a lovely picture. She definitely looks the part. I'd have to have a good think about being a character. It'd probably be someone associated with ghosts.

    CJ xx

  15. She's very popular, Kitty. A bit too popular, maybe - what about poor old Ginny Weasley?

    Nice choice, FF. And a jolly good reason, too.

    The list of children's characters is endless, Jan. And they all make good 'dress-ups'. Let us know what she chose.

    Really, WoNI? Are you going to post a picture for us?

    Oh for the endless summer of Hundred Acre Wood, PG. Lovely choice.

    That's not a character I know, DJ, although I have (of course) heard of - even seen - LHotP. 'Goodnight, John-Boy.'

    Like you, DD, I'm rather puzzled as to why anyone would want to say they'd read a book they haven't. In fact, that'd make another blog post - famous books I haven't read. I might set to and write a list.

    And first on the list would be Miss Marple, I'm afraid Catharine. In fact, I'm not sure I've read any Agatha Christie! Still, a pleasure for the future, as they say.

    And there's another one Liz - the Discworld books. Oh dear, I'm starting to look illiterate.

    I think I have read a Jeffrey Archer, NB. But I can't for the life of me remember anything about it! Is that a reflection on my memory or on his writing?

    That would be some surprise, Troy. Personally I love the idea of changing the endings of classic novels. There's another post in the making. And I'd start with Jane Eyre, who seems far too good for Rochester.

    She looked even better the following morning, Antonella. After the photo she washed her hair and had Sarah plat it so that - next day - she had Hermione's curls as well. Such dedication!

    Oh yes, CJ - something from M.R.James, hopefully!

  16. What a great picture, D.

    I have lied about the books i've read too! don't care, will stand up and be counted! But I never admit to reading Valley of the Dolls 4 times! (AND i'd read it again! its bloody good)

    Ah i remember my Daughter when she was small on Book Day, she went dressed up as Milly Molly Mandy. Brings a tear to my eye.

    Son went as some king or another and some little bugger at school ripped up his crown! Wanted to kill the little git! Still hate him actually even tho' he's gone to Canada

    good post xxxx

  17. There's an award awaiting you at my blog.

  18. We are huge HP fans here! HUGE!

    I would have to be Elizabeth Bennet from "Pride and Prejudice!" Just love that girl! (and I want a Mr. Darcy!)

  19. I'd have to be Superwoman, for obvious reaaons!

  20. It must be good, Jenny, if you've read it four times. I'm afraid it's another on my 'not read' list (which is growing longer).

    I'm honoured, DD, and flattered. You are most kind.

    I was never convinced by Darcy's change of character in P&P when I read it (for 'O' level) Bee - surely leopards don't change their spots? Or was Lizzie really so badly wrong about him?

    Oh yes, Rosie. Absolutely.

  21. I know nothing about the Harry Potter characters, but your daughter does look like she's enjoying herself! I reckon it could come to any such event dressed as Moby Dick.

  22. Mightn't Cap'n Ahab be a little easier? Call me Ishmail.

  23. Lovey piccie!

    Our school does a theme week when it's Book Day. This year we did "China" and had chinese lessons, martial arts demos, chinese food at lunchtime (including fortune cookies) and a chinese lion dancing round the dining room! I even had my classes playing Mah Jong! I had great fun!!

    Now, a character from a book ...... perhaps Mary Poppins? (In my dreams!)

  24. When I was a child I often was called Alice, because I looked like the Tenniel illustrations. When our school put on a production, however, I was cast as the Walrus.

    I'd be Nigel Molesworth. Just William, but with attitude.

  25. Dot, oops and double oops, I meant "I reckon I could come to any such event dressed as Moby Dick..." ! :-{

  26. Wow! A Chinese day sounds exciting. And as for Mary Poppins, I think the chief advantage would be having that useful carpet bag. I can never get a rucksack big enough.

    I'd forgotten about Molesworth, Z. Thanks.

    Still think Captain Ahab'd be easier, Gadj. More 'you' as well!!


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