Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Paint your wagon!

This Saturday, Tuesday Fiona's family are holding a memorial 'wagie ride' in memory of their little girl's favourite activity, and we're all invited. If you can't ride (or paint) your wagon, get on your bike, jump in a puddle, sledge in the snow - anything - and post a picture of yourself 'in action'. Sounds a wonderful idea; a real 'bloggers' tribute. We're away this weekend but I'm sure we'll think of something to do in the spirit of the occasion at 11 o'clock on Saturday. And there'll be pictures.
Click the link for more information. And thanks to DiPaola for telling me about it.
Charlie's wagie-ride on the beach Hunstanton. Someone had even written his name in the sand!


  1. Awwwwww...I will try and remember to bring my camera to N3S's riding lesson. That is his most favourite activity.

  2. Sounds a lovely idea, D/T, will get on to it.

    have a lovely weekend away xxx

  3. That's so appropriate, DJ, as the agon-ride is going to the local stables!

    Thanks, Jenny. Weather permitting, we will.

  4. Oh to be in England now that February is here.

  5. Well, it'll be a snowy wagon-ride if current levels of precipitation are maintained, Mr Dilo. And it won't take place in Norwich, either.

  6. Thanks for visiting my bloggy! I actually posted yesterday about the Wagie rides as well! I am overwhelmed by the power of bloggers to come together to support each other! Love that!
    Like they say in "Love Actually" (aka the best movie ever), "love actually is all around..."

    Your book is whispering weird things to me like "hey, read me..", "yeah, you...buy me from Amazon, you know you want to.." Does it always behave this way when people stop by? lol! Looks like a great read and since I do have a book blog too, I must read it!

  7. Well, and I thought it was such a well-behaved book too!

  8. I thought this might intrest you.


  9. Thanks again, DiPaola. We seemed to have our own sign on the beach, too - 'Charlie' written in the sand by somebody, just waiting for a photo.


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