Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Thank You!

Sally decided last night that she's not appreciated. She does loads to help - and I mean loads. She changes nappies (without being asked - in fact, not only without being asked but without giving anyone else a look in!); she amuses Charlie (nobody can make him laugh like she does), pushes the pushchair, helps get him dressed, feeds him, baths him (under supervision), plays with him, sings to him, reads him stories, plays the piano to him and picks him up and comforts him if he starts crying. Makes me wonder what I do, really. (Don't answer that one, Dave!)
Anyway, the catalyst for this unusual moment of self-pity was Charlie's 'Thank You' cards (which Sally wrote). Ironic, to say the least. A written 'thank-you' is something I'm quite hot on, so I'm pleased that Sally not only takes for granted that she's got to do it, but thinks about her baby brother's thank-you's too. I'm really pleased that she's as thoughtful and as helpful as she is. Like everything about bringing up children, what I want her to be is what I try to be myself. There are certain things I do and say that might not be the first things to spring into my mind, but which are things I think of as important, things I want to set as an example. And I'd have said I'm reasonably generous with my gratitude, if only for that reason. Apparently not, so... Here's a big...

Thank you

to Sally.

And here's one to Little Brown Book and Jenny too, for this:


  1. Absolutely right, parents should lead by example.
    I constantly tell my six year old son that please and thank yous will get you a long long way in this world!

  2. What a brilliant extra pair of hands, well done, thank you and general appreciation all seem to be well in order.

  3. You're still better than most Dads, D. I have seen absolutely useless and indifferent and thankless Dads. Sure you have too.

    The best thing Husband ever said to me was I don't know how you do it when he had to look after the kids. This was a big nod to me and what i do/did (they're bigger now).

    A nice tribute to Sally and a well-deserved award.

    Afraid i've tagged you. Sorry about that. xxxx

  4. You've obviously done a brilliant job so far because Sally sounds like a complete sweetheart.

    And Charlie's a lucky boy to have a lovely big sister who dotes on him

  5. It's a cliche, Tara, but 'politeness costs nothing' as the used to say!

    Yeah, they're very well deserved in Sally's case, SPD. She's like an unpaid nanny sometimes! Wonderful!

    Well I'm biased of course, Suzanne but yes, she is. And Charlie, as you say, is very lucky.

  6. Manners are a marvellous thing and a little thank you goes a long long way...

  7. Good on sally, and good on you! Tis always good to acknowledge what is sometimes so easily and subconsciously taken for granted. You have some great siblings there - be proud :)

    Mal :)

  8. It certainly does, Steve. And I've learnt my lesson - and making sure Sally knows how grateful we all are.

    Ok, then Mal. I will. I am. You're allowed to be proud of your own kids, aren't you?

  9. She sounds such a love, and a wonderful big sister. She will appreciate the "Thank you" one day when she proudly reads her Dad's blog!

  10. Sally sounds like the ideal daughter and sister. You have done a great job with her.Congratulations and thank yous are in order.

  11. Funny how blokes never think of writing thank you notes. It's a female thing.

    My 7 year old boy has always been good with his sister, 4 years his junior. I DO praise him loads for his assistance & he has a lot to put up with now that his sister is 3; but perhaps I haven't done enough. There'll be a big thank you for him tomorrow when he awakes.

  12. Oh dear. Well, leave it to a girl to not let it pass if her hard work goes unrecognized.
    She sounds wonderful. You've raised quite an assistant.

  13. I am a stickler for written thank you's too. Sally sounds like a delight and a credit to you and Sarah.

  14. Hope so, AM - it's very sincerely meant!

    Indeed they are, CW. Perhaps we all need a reminder now and then? This has been timely, for sure.

    You can never say it too often, Robert. Although he'll probably just shrug and say 'ok'!

    She's my right-hand-girl til Sarah gets home, Z&T, for sure. Mustn't take her for granted, though.

    It's often overlooked these days, DJ, or so it seems. And not just by the younger generation, either. What I'm most pleased with is the fact that Sally now thinks of it as normal and important, rather than a necessary chore. Hope Charlie's the same when he gets older!

  15. Sally - we all appreciate you!

  16. I share the 'thank you letter' thing - quite right too. I always did it, and my kids are asked to do it too. It's only right to say thank you to people who are kind enough to think of them. And me. x

  17. What a sweetie! My Mollie is very very helpful too - but she always negotiates a price before she gets the rubber gloves out!

    I must admit I failed on the letter writing thing with my three, my children are too lazy and I'm too lazy to nag them so I always used to do it myself - now I make them phone...If I get a thank you letter from somebody else's child it always makes me feel really guilty.

  18. He is a lucky boy. Big sisters are fab!

  19. She had a big smile on her face as she read that, NB!

    I'm with you all the way, Kitty and - knowing how I felt about the whole routine at Sally's age - expected to have to do a good deal of cajoling. I've been pleasantly surprised.

    I'm not sure 'phoning is a problem, Sarah - as long as 'thank yous' are delivered. Does Molly charge much for her services?

    I think Charlie's definitely going to agree with that, Suburbia!

  20. Well done to all of you! We do the politeness thing as well. It's good not to take for one for granted (when they are older) and it's also hard to keep them equal. We try our hardest. We also praise them one hell of a lot too. We always have those things in mind. Sounds like you are doing a great job and so is Sally!

  21. That's got to be one of the fundamentals of parenting, Hadriana - praise (and lots of it). Although it's difficult to remember sometimes!

  22. Great post! Always nice to be appreciated, Sally sounds like an absolutely star.

    CJ xx

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