Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Thank You!

Sally decided last night that she's not appreciated. She does loads to help - and I mean loads. She changes nappies (without being asked - in fact, not only without being asked but without giving anyone else a look in!); she amuses Charlie (nobody can make him laugh like she does), pushes the pushchair, helps get him dressed, feeds him, baths him (under supervision), plays with him, sings to him, reads him stories, plays the piano to him and picks him up and comforts him if he starts crying. Makes me wonder what I do, really. (Don't answer that one, Dave!)
Anyway, the catalyst for this unusual moment of self-pity was Charlie's 'Thank You' cards (which Sally wrote). Ironic, to say the least. A written 'thank-you' is something I'm quite hot on, so I'm pleased that Sally not only takes for granted that she's got to do it, but thinks about her baby brother's thank-you's too. I'm really pleased that she's as thoughtful and as helpful as she is. Like everything about bringing up children, what I want her to be is what I try to be myself. There are certain things I do and say that might not be the first things to spring into my mind, but which are things I think of as important, things I want to set as an example. And I'd have said I'm reasonably generous with my gratitude, if only for that reason. Apparently not, so... Here's a big...

Thank you

to Sally.

And here's one to Little Brown Book and Jenny too, for this:

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