Sunday, 11 January 2009

Party Party!

Parties can be overwhelming when you're so little, so it's useful when a big sister helps you to open all your presents.

But boys will always be boys, whatever age they are!

So thank goodness for Grandma's birthday cake!

Of course, anything with wheels is always a big hit!

And you can't have a party without balloons, can you? Wonder what my actual birthday'll be like!


  1. Happy Birthday Charlie! And I bet you liked the wrapping paper just as much as the presents!

  2. A very Happy Birthday Charlie, may you always remain so cute ! x

  3. Two pieces of cake please, that looks brilliant.

    Max has that digger, still plays with it, in fact.

    Happy Birthday Charlie.

  4. Happy Birthday Charlie!

    Looks like he had a lovely day.

  5. Now's the time for you to start hinting about that train set!

  6. Hinting, Kevin? It's already bought and in the attic!

    He did, thank you Laura (although he was a little overwhelmed at first by the attention!)

    Sorry, SPD, can't talk with my mouth full. Cake? Ah... there may be a problem there.

    Indeed, Auntie Gwen, indeed. As Sally said, 'I don't want Charlie to grow up. Can't he just stay like this forever?'

  7. Happy Birthday to your little Boy. I remember not bein able to wait until my children's first birthday so i could get them lots of toys and make a jelly and that.

    super cake xxx

  8. Happy Birthday Charlie!!

    Well done Tim. That's one down and another 16 to go before you have to buy him some real wheels.

  9. The only problem with toys with wheels is that they pose a terrible tripping / flying through the air hazard. As a mother of two boys I have learnt this to my cost!

    Happy Birthday to little Charlie.

  10. Happy Birthday young fella! Have a wonderful day!

  11. One! What a glorious age.
    It's all uphill from here! Just wait until the walking begins . . .
    Big birthday hugs little Charlie.

  12. Thanks Mal, Sarah, Kitty. His actual birthday isn't til tomorrow (but you can't have a party on a Tuesday) so I've hidden your good wishes and will let him look at them in the morning.

    No, Dave. Surely by then all those futuristic comics I was reading last century will have finally come true and we'll all be whizzing all over the place with our jet-packs. Hope so!

    And is that happens, Mary, then the toys will be a lot safer too. Won't they?

    We'll make sure he does, Halo, don't worry.

    He's trying the walking out already, Tara - you know, just the odd daring step from sofa to table or similar. But I'm taking Dave's advice and fitting him with wheels.

  13. Happy Birthday, Charlie.

    What a cutie.

  14. Happy Birthday Charlie, lovely happy pictures :)

  15. Big happy birthday to Charlie. He looks gorgeous on his first birthday.

    CJ xx

  16. Happy birthday Charlie!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog :) I feel very honoured having a real life writer as a follower ;o)

  17. Ahhh Happy Birthday little man. One, wow. :D

  18. For my first grandchild's first birthday, I bought a train set. For my second grandchild's first birthday I bought a train set. I've a third grandchild. Wonder what she'll get?

    Happy day, Charlie!

  19. Oh, a train set. Charlie's got two already, Z!

    Thank you Suzanne, Sub, CJ and Jo. As I said above, I will surprise him with everyone's good wishes in the morning!

    And I feel similarly honoured to have blogger mums and dads on mine, More Than. Honestly, I feel I'm playing at this game!

  20. Lovely photos!

    Happy Birthday Charlie!

  21. Make sure you get some balloons for yours too. Hope Charlie had a great time, looks like he did!

  22. Awww happy birthday Charlie. What a lovely handmade cake.

  23. Thanks, CW.

    We're hoping they'll last that long, BTM.

    Looks good, and tastes good too, DJ! Mmmm.

  24. Here I am the last in line with a rather belated Happy 1st Birthday to Charlie! Hmmm...our baby girl just turned 1 a couple of months ago...maybe a cyber match?!

  25. Happy Birthday to Charlie!!! The Big 1...there's no turning back now! :)

  26. Maybe, Dori. Sounds appropriate for children of the blog, doesn't it?

    Thanks, Caroline. Absolutely!


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