Sunday, 4 January 2009


This is not a real post. I was tagged, before Christmas, by Nunhead Mum and rattled off the answers in a comment on her blog. It was the 'seven random revelations' one, and as Soo has asked for it as well I thought I'd better post it properly:
  1. I'm a virgo;
  2. I was born in Colchester;
  3. I can drink red/white/rose till it comes out of my ears and still not fall over - I wish I would, sometimes;
  4. I think I've just found out the meaning of life. It has a lot to do with Laurie Lee;
  5. I love blogging; I used to read the papers, but this is much more entertaining;
  6. I'm a big softee - that bit in 'Railway Children' when Jenny Agutter shouts "Daddy, oh my daddy" - well, I'm filling up now; and
  7. I'm impulsive - it's a quarter to eleven (whatever Blogger says) and I should be in bed (Charlie's got croup - the last two nights have been quite bad.) But I'm here instead. And I can count to seven!

Of course, numbers one to three don't make much sense unless you've read NM's post (which you can do here). And number seven is no longer true, although - worryingly - it is still very late (or early) and I'm awake again because Charlie's not been well. We've all had colds this Christmas (except for me - I had man-H1N5) and Charlie's coughing like he's got a fifty-a-day Capstan full-strength habit. I still stand by number five, though. Blogging's great - and what else would I be doing at quarter-to-three in the morning?


  1. You are blooming well cheating too. When you originally wrote this the clock said 22.45 but here, today, the clock reads 02.45. Impulsive? More like outrageous!

    Personally, wine does little for me. Most of the time I’d rather stick pins in my eyes than drink wine. But once they’re actually in, I find a glass or two helps to take my mind off the excruciating pain.

  2. Those needles are doing nothing for your eyes, Dave. 22.40-something was indeed when my reply to NM's post was written - and on December 18th, too! Last night (I mean, this morning) I was cut-and-pasting. (The wine ran out!)

  3. The wine ran out? You should have told me. I could have brought some pins to you.

    So what you're telling me is you've had six hours sleep and you're still drunk? ;)

  4. Poor Charlie, hope he's feeling better - and I pity him having to breathe in all those wine fumes when he's already suffering...where's that number for Childline gone.....?!

    I can't drink half a glass of wine without falling over, I have an extremely low tolerance to any kind of alcohol which made me pretty popular in my younger days - I was always a very cheap date!

  5. Six hours? Luxury! And stone-cold sober, too - it just feels the same on too little sleep.

    Think I'll pass on the pins, if it's all the same to you. The Offie'll be open shortly.

  6. You should smell the Vicks, Sarah - it's much, much worse!

  7. Luxury? You're not kidding are you?! A glance at your side bar leads me to think you actually had only FIVE hours sleep!!!

    LMAO @ Sarah, as it looks like you might be getting a visit from SS later today.... and also because she was a cheap date. Hehehehe.

    Sarah, I'm laughing WITH you. Honest!

  8. Oh dear...I've just given you an award which asks for a similar post. Sorry...

  9. That Agutter moment does it for me every time. Sorry to hear that the Atkinson household has not been in the best of health. We've also had the same thing over here - Mr FF feeling far worse then me - of course he does.

  10. Ah, the virgo thing explains a lot! (I'm one too)

  11. Can't drink wine at all, although do love the taste.

    Hope you're all feeling better soon. Happy New Year to you.

    CJ xx

  12. Gosh D, i'd love to write at that time of night. Its like being one of those tortured artists.

    Sorry to hear about your colds and that and hope you are better soon.

    Is the 4th January already?

  13. Certainly is, Jenny - 2009's almost over!

    What - a cup of the warm south CJ? I can't believe it! Not into pins like Dave are you?

    I wish you'd tell me what it explains, Working Mum: I've no idea! Is it important?

    Oh I'm so glad it's not just me, FF. I've even been known to choke when reading it to Sally as a bedtime story. "Daddy - what's happened to your voice?" I can hear her saying .

  14. And thanks for the award DJ - there's plenty more where that came from!

  15. I've gone soft since I moved south. Two decades ago the pins would have been rusty!

    AND we only had one pin between the four of us. Two pins would have been an extravagance.

    Ee bah gum lad!.

  16. Hi Dotterel

    I know just what you mean (illness and all!)
    Just love to blog!

  17. I know what you mean about blogging when you should be sleeping, I've done it often enough. And as for the wine, I wish I could keep drinking the stuff and not fall over!

  18. As is well documented, your auntie is a two glass girl, well 3 on high days and holidays !

  19. Hey, Dot - cheat indeed! Isn't this the second time you've revealed random revelations about yourself??

    I've never seen The Railway Children. Is it like Midnight's Children?

  20. No, Gadj, not really. In fact, not at all. No. Sorry. And as for the other random revelations, there were 4 x 4 of them - that makes all the difference, y'know!

    It all depends on the size of the glass, though, Auntie - doesn't it?

    Actually, I sometimes blog IN my sleep as well, AM. Honestly, I think I dream of blogging some nights. Sad.

    Absolutely, Sub. Thankfully, we're all coming through the other side at last. (Just in time for school!)

    Times was 'ard, eh Dave?

  21. Aye lad!

    Aye, ah worked 18 hour a day for thruppece a week and ah lived in a box.

    Not a wooden one mind you. Cardboard lad. Cardboard. Tha dunt know tha's born.

    BTW old chap, I responded to the tag you hit me with on the 1st Nov 2008. Eeek.

  22. You can count to SEVEN...?!? No way! lol

    That's a nice list.

    I hope Charlie's croup is better soon, and you're all getting some better sleep as a result now. [[[hugs]]]

  23. Excellent, old boy! I shall pop along and take a look.

    Oh, the wonders of an English education, Mal! It's why our cricketers are so bad!

  24. I used to read newspapers, but I agree, blogs are more entertaining... but this leaves me with nothing to light the fire with...
    Hope Charlie is feeling better.

  25. I know what you mean about The Railway Children.

    I also get quite emotional whenever I listen to Rolf Harris's 'Two Little Boys' - the bit where the man's been shot in a battle and suddenly a familiar voice says 'Did you think I would leave you dying, when there's room on my horse for two?'

    Ridiculous isn't it?

  26. Well, I suppose it is Steerforth, yes. I'm always slightly cross with myself, too, for being manipulated so easily. But it happens every time!

    Kindling, Scarlett? Or faggots?

  27. And I was thinking that you were a Yorkshire man.

    Hope that you are all feeling better now. It is just as well that you can not pass your bugs on to us other bloggers. Otherwise we would all be up all night blogging!

  28. I am really, CW. I think I lived in Colchester for approximately three weeks. Thereafter I was brought up in Hull, Hemsworth, Wakefield and Beverley (in that order). I think that makes me a Yorkshireman; I could even play cricket for the county these days (if I was any good at cricket, that is!).

  29. Ha ha. Number 6 made me laugh out loud. (BTW I'm another Virgo - is there a correlation between bloggers and Virgos I wonder?)

  30. Having caught the end of the programme for deaf people on BBC2 this lunchtime, I learnt that signing humour includes waking people up at three in the morning with a jar of pasta and asking them to guess how many pieces there are whilst donating to the local children's charity. Have you tried that? In sign language?

  31. It's an interesting question, Expat Mum. Anyone care to comment?

    I have to admit not only have I never done it, or had it done to me, I've also no desire whatever to participate, Catherine. even a three a.m.

  32. We got married in Colchester purely because we wanted to have a super duper meal at Le Talbooth in Dedham. We were staying at The Fountain House too. Blissful. And yes...lots of wine flowed! A Yorkshire man, Arthur Clewley, Yorkshire Pudding, Troy...are all male bloggers...Yorkshiremen?

  33. Thanks for the link BTW...and I've had a "Yorkshire" post in you've tipped me over the edge...think I'm gonna have to post it now! ;)


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