Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Writing Therapy

So, here it is. The long-awaited proof that I'm at last an ex-unpublished author. I feel a little speech approaching. So.... it's thanks to those awfully nice people at YouWriteOn.com and Legend Press for making such a good job of it. And it's thanks to Sarah for her help and forebearance during the (protracted) writing of it and to Jill Pepper, Richard Coles and Jeannette Ellwood for reading and commenting on early drafts and, oh... so many people! And it's out now (but not in the shops, unless you count Waterstones in Boston - no-one else knows who I am and they don't want customers confusing me with Kate). And in time for Christmas, too! The perfect gift for an incurable insomniac - and it makes a pleasant change from socks. Go on, you know you want to... And if/when you get bored with reading it you can always play a game of 'spot the literary references'. It's full of 'em; it's a book within a book, you see! In fact, I might even offer prizes for those who can collect them all. And last - but not least - 10% of the royalties go straight to the charity Young Minds.
Find out more about the book by clicking on the title of this post!
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