Thursday, 18 December 2008

Picture the Scene

It was Sally's last carol service yesterday, which I thought was sad but she decided was 'boring'. It certainly was compared to the infants nativity play that she helped out with earlier in the week. She and a friend had written a new Christmas carol for the tinys to perform, and had therefore been involved in the rehearsals. As a treat, they were excused lessons and allowed to go the the performance.
"It was hilarious" she told me on the way home. "Mary had a runny nose and kept wiping it on her sleeve, and when she picked up baby Jesus he was upside down and she dropped him on the floor!"
"And how did your carol go?" I asked.
"Oh don't ask" she said, sounding just a little like a prima-donna. "They didn't sing at all - they just shouted out the words. It was awful, just...awful!"
Oh daar-ling!


  1. Tell Sally it could be worse ... she could still be having to listen to the shouting as I am. The 4 year olds school nativity was last week and she still gives us daily private performances!

  2. so jaded so young! only another 20 years or so until she finds it endearing!

  3. Well, you should have seen my son's face at the junior carol concert on monday. The scowling, I tell you!

    He and his mates were constantly looking for an escape route.

    The magic of christmas carols lost on them xxxx

  4. Max's nursery nativity was cancelled due to severe lack of numbers/effort on the nursery staffs' part.

    Mary should be wiping her boggies on her sleeve, that's where they go don't they?

  5. I couldn't find your link to the First World War letters, Dumdad that I am!

  6. It's in the side-bar, under 'Better than the newspapers...' DD. Maybe I'll send you the URL!
    You're right, of course, SPD! I keep saying that to Sally when she looks disapprovingly at me.
    I think Sally's gripe was that the little 'ins weren't giving a performance worthy of King's College, Cambridge. Far from being cynical, I think she was annoyed that they weren't taking it as seriously as she was!

  7. Perhaps she has a career as a future X factor judge?

  8. Indeed - I thought you were reviewing an episode of The X Factor...! ;-)

  9. I'd not thought of that, but the more I do the more I like the idea of carol services combined with Strictly come X-Factor-itis! That might be a solution to your 'seasonal' problem, Scarlett!!

  10. Did you manage to keep a straight face?! Priceless

  11. Lol! What a clever girl Sally is...writing carols? I am very impressed and think she deserves to be a bit of a diva.

  12. It's a winner isn't it, Halo?

    Hardly, NB, and I've had another diva moment to contend with since when she told me of got the story wrong - Mary didn't have a runny nose but she was picked it as she walked up the wrong aisle. Then Joseph had to go and drag her back to where she should have been!

    You're right, DJ, she deserves her diva moment - and she doesn't have many of them - yet!

  13. Ah, the trials of the director! Those pesky actors/singers can't get anything right, can they? Hang on, how old were they?

  14. Hee hee. When I was pregnant with Miss M in Dec 2004 Miss E was a snotty Mary in reception. I was desperate for someone to wipe her nose as I was recovering from a broken toe and 8 months along. Sighhh. Thanks for the memories.

    And we should really hear that son you know...

  15. Awwww one of those priceless moments.

  16. Sounds great fun to me!!
    Merry christmas!

  17. Aw yes, you could use Activote buttons for proper audience participation. Could be the way of the future...


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