Thursday, 18 December 2008

Picture the Scene

It was Sally's last carol service yesterday, which I thought was sad but she decided was 'boring'. It certainly was compared to the infants nativity play that she helped out with earlier in the week. She and a friend had written a new Christmas carol for the tinys to perform, and had therefore been involved in the rehearsals. As a treat, they were excused lessons and allowed to go the the performance.
"It was hilarious" she told me on the way home. "Mary had a runny nose and kept wiping it on her sleeve, and when she picked up baby Jesus he was upside down and she dropped him on the floor!"
"And how did your carol go?" I asked.
"Oh don't ask" she said, sounding just a little like a prima-donna. "They didn't sing at all - they just shouted out the words. It was awful, just...awful!"
Oh daar-ling!
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