Saturday, 1 November 2008

Random factor

I've been tagged before, but not like this. Gadjo Dilo has thrown down the gauntlet, and the challenge is to reveal six random things about yourself. I thought I'd be extremely random and do it without thinking, and to a deadline. I've got to be out in less than half an hour at a choir rehearsal (Cantemus, live in Bridlington Priory if you're in the area) so I can't beat about the bush...
  1. I'm left-handed. Although, as I've discovered since breaking my right hand, I do an awful lot of things the opposite way round. About the only thing I seem to depend on doing left-handed is writing (with a pen, that is) and I've probably lost the ability to write anything other than my signature by now;
  2. I once shook Paul McCartney's hand. I was impressed with Macca, actually. We (that is, the Liverpool Phil) did his first classical piece - the Liverpool Oratorio (surprise, surprise). In spite of teams of hangers-on and flunkys (and, of course, security) he was the most down-to-earth guy imaginable. Carl Davis, the conductor, reckoned meeting him was like seeing 'Nelson's Column come to life' but after the performance, I was making my way off the platform and he was standing at the bottom of the stairs, alone. I offered my hand, and he took it and we exchanged words like a couple of old friends;
  3. I used to be an RE teacher. I chose RE because I had decided to become a secondary school teacher, and it was the nearest to my degree subject, philosophy. And, at the time, the National Curriculum was closing its iron fist around every other subject and I figured (rightly, as it turned out) that there'd be a bit more freedom with a subject like RE. I've no regrets, but telling people what you did for a living was usually the biggest conversation killer going, akin to people finding out they're talking to a priest;
  4. Talking of priests, Richard Coles (ex-Communards, Bronski Beat) sang at our wedding. He was curate of St Botolph's at the time. And for an ex pop-star, he's a formidable musician;
  5. The first LP I ever bought was by Gary Glitter. Later, at Uni he was doing the Christmas gigs and I thought 'what a showman'. He was good, no doubt about it - then; and,
  6. I've written a book, called Writing Therapy. (And it's to be published soon). Actually, that's a shameless plug, but it did come into my head randomly after writing about Gary Glitter. Hmmm.
And Eddie 2-Sox, Team Gherkin, Ian, Dave, Nota Bene and Hadriana - you're all now 'it'.
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