Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Children's TV

The Times recently drew up its list of the ten best children's TV programmes ever. (You can read it by clicking on the title of this post.) It's fair to say that TV doesn't feature very prominently in our lives here at Charlie Towers. There doesn't seem to be the time. But it can be a useful distraction (especially very early in the morning). I've already posted about Teletubbies; now 'In the Night Garden' has knocked Tinky-Winky off the number one spot, and Charlie bounces up and down to 'Space Pirates' too.

But when I were a lad... we were lucky if we got a glimpse of Trumpton, Chigley or Camberwick Green in the afternoon (none of which feature in the Times' list, strangely). And then, five minutes before the BBC news it would be Magic Roundabout or Hector's House. Oh and I remember Hammy Hamster, too - Tales form the Riverbank, and the original (monochrome) Andy Pandy. Noddy never really did it for me, though. And nor did Bagpuss (though that was more my sister's era). The Times did have Play School and Play Away at numbers one and two, respectively. And the common denominator between their top two and my top three? Brian Cant, of course - the voice of my childhood! How about you?
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