Monday, 17 November 2008

Breakfast quest

I'm on a mission; a very important one. I've set myself a goal: I've got to get to lunchtime every day without eating a plate-full of digestive biscuits. To do that, I've got to avoid feeling ravenously hungry at about the time that Charlie has his morning bottle. And in order to do that, I've got to find something to have for breakfast that will keep me going until one o'clock. At school, I might easily have gone the whole day without eating. Having time, at morning break, to draw breath was something of a luxury and lunchtime was more often meeting or detention time. But now I - ahem - work from home I can take a daily morning break, and join Charlie in consuming stacks of calories. Not that the extra food intake is having an adverse effect on the waistline - yet. Power-walking with a pushchair is first-classs form of exercise, and I do the housework at double-quick speed while Charlie has a nap. (Honestly, it's better than the gym!) But it won't be long before mid-morning snacking starts to show and anyway, I see it as a challenge - to find a breakfast food that keeps the hunger pangs at bay 'til lunchtime. So far, bacon seems to do the job best. A big, two-rasher bacon-sandwich (grilled, of course) can keep me going through the morning. I've tried boiled eggs and kippers (not together), too. The only thing I know will fail is breakfast cereal. But often it's the only thing there's time to have before we rush out of the door. So the challenge is to find some complex carbohydrates that are quick to cook and eat and last as long as lunchtime. Any suggestions?
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