Thursday, 2 October 2008

With the beat...

Charlie's just learned how to wave; he's not sure when to do it, so he sometimes waves at trees and passing dogs but he knows how to do it. And he recognises it when he sees other people waving, too. When you think about it, a conductor - especially one without a baton - looks as if he's waving. So when Charlie woke up last night in his push-chair and saw Eric waving at him, it was natural for him to wave back. And this wasn't any ordinary waving, either. For a start Eric didn't stop and smile. And when Eric waved his arms, the choir sang louder, softer, faster, slower according to the way he moved his arms. This was a whole new way of waving - called conducting - Charlie can't have seen before because it kept him entertained throughout last night's rehearsal (when he should, by rights, have been asleep). He did a good job, too. So watch out Sue Perkins, Goldie, Alex James and the rest; he'll be auditioning for series two of Maestro next!
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