Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Toys 'r' - not what they used to be!

The great thing about a trip to Grandma's is the fact that she gets all those toys down from the attic - things you'd long forgotten about or thought had either crumbled into dust from over use or else been turned down by the local charity shops on health and safety grounds. Like this, for instance...

Yes, it's my first train set.

Unfortunately, Charlie doesn't seem quite ready for it, yet!

Never mind.

He had plenty of fun playing with this little toy, though (see below) - so here's a question for everyone of 'a certain age' to answer - what is this little gizmo called? (And no, it's not meant to be eaten!)


  1. Curses!

    I had a ton of that self-same train set when I were a nipper, which was often usurped from me by older relatives.....it's called.....

    Buggrit. Can't remember.

  2. It'll come back when you least expect it!

  3. Fisher Price (the old ones) are another lovely bet. You can usually get hold of some in car boot sales and ebay (I think)!

  4. I think I'm too old for this one and my children are too young. I don't know.

    I gave my granddaughter a train set for her first birthday. With singular lack of imagination, I gave her brother a train set for his first birthday.

  5. Well I'm just a girl so I'm not going to know, am I? :-p x

  6. Oh, come on Kitty! It's the stick-thingy that needs naming, anyway - not the train set. I'm sure girls had those as well as boys.

  7. Looks like one of those snakey things! My parents recently moved house and loaded by brother's dust gathering Action Man toys onto us. However,I don't think I can bear holding on to them for another generation!

  8. I don't think that I am of 'a certain age'. If it was meant to be eaten no doubt you would have eaten it yourself. Then there would not be a question to answer.

  9. I love the last pic of your son in this post...so adorable and pure!

  10. I remember that snakey thing but I can't remember what it was called either.

    (Anybody remember "Clackers"?? They were banned back in the 70s for being dangerous - they'd probably be considered "weapons-grade" if they were around today!)

  11. Love this post. N3S still plays with one of Chopper's old toy trains fromt he 60's. It is his favorite!

  12. See, that's why I can't play with my kids: they're always messing up my perfectly ordered playsets!

    Looks yummy, though (the kid and the train, both).

  13. That was my first train set!!!!

  14. Oh yes! Being a parent is so cool, when you get to recycle your own toys with your own children! Yeeeeeeees!!!!
    Mal :)

  15. Now that is not a Weem -Pee train ;)

    From this angle, I would say it's a click-clack.

  16. Oh that snakey thing... Haven't thought about it in decades. What WAS it called?

    I remember clackers.

  17. Old toys...always lasted longer than five minutes...

  18. yes I remember clackers, no Mr Dotterel, I did not say crackers!
    my favourite was lego.
    I've got a photo of my son putting his foot in his mouth and he's been doing that ever since!
    Josie x

  19. What a cutie your son is!! Beautiful blue eyes. Bless him, he's at the 'taking things apart age'


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