Tuesday, 28 October 2008

A 'pot' boiler!

I'm playing duets now! (But it's not helping Sally's piano practice, Charlie.)

And no, this post's title isn't open invitation for 'pot' or 'plaster' puns!


  1. In my experience one of the favourite pastimes of small brothers, is to interfere with whatever a big sister is doing. This is just the start ...


  2. Oh, I know... Thankfully, he' still 'cute' at present (whatever he's doing!).

  3. I have only just realised that this is your main blogsite. I am paying you a courtesy return call. May I just say I think it is extremely cruel to expect Charlie to play a piano that is so tall his little head only just comes up to the keyboard! Elton John and Mozart never had such a problem to contend with!...On the subject of Hull, I guess that you, like me, bristle at the suggestion that it is England's crappest town!

  4. That's really cute. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  5. Cute's the word (an in more ways than one, adventure mum).

    He's taking the 'Jerry Lee Lewis' stance, YP (and starting early). And as for our favourite city - dare I say that such a derogatory suggestion was started somewhere far south of the Humber, and probably by people who had never been to Hull?

  6. He's getting an early start. Just adorable!

  7. "the 'Jerry Lee Lewis' stance" - can he play it with his feet as well?? (Now's the right time to get him learning that, I'm guessing).

  8. Are you sure you don't want to audition that boy for the cathedral choir? (He seems a great deal more musical than many of our choristers!)

  9. I tried to look at this post last week but could not see it for some reason. Are you trying to get your kids on the stage? At least you only have one hand to push them with at the moment!


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