Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Trinity Tots

It wasn't only back to school for Sally this morning - Trinity Tots was on again! This is an informal 'mother (and now father) and toddler' group at one of the local churches; Sarah had been taking Charlie regularly before the summer, so he was all familiar smiles and excited little shrieks as we walked in. I was very much the new boy, feeling rather awkward among all the mums. But everyone was very friendly; Charlie had a great time crawling round the room and playing with some new found toy or else stopping in his tracks and staring with total fascination at the other children. Two hours passed very quickly. At the end of the session everybody forms a circle and it's song time. The actions left me totally bewildered, but at least I knew the words!


  1. Ah I loved going to toddler groups with Sam to give his mum a break. Yes it was great to see Sam having fun, but it was also fab to see 30 young attractive mums crawling around the floor in front of me. You Dirty Old Dog!

  2. p.s. you mentioned a "legal obligation" for schools to supply copies of all letters, etc to separated wouldn't happen to know if that was law, or local guidance, or something in between?

    Could you email me please Dot? Thanks.

  3. I used to love those times, and the songs and actions? Soon they'll be engraved in your brain forever! You'll even find yourself humming along in the most embarasing of places, believe me!

  4. I was very much the new boy, feeling rather awkward among all the mums. But everyone was very friendly...

    Yesss, a father showing his sensitive side and putting in quality time with his toddler... they'll treat you like a prince! Just don't let them know that you're married ;-)

  5. Well it got you out of the house and made a change from changing nappies. And it gave you something to blog about.

  6. Very sweet! It's nice that you knew the words.

  7. Soon you'll know all the words and actions and look askance at any new boy that comes in and doesn't know them...Oh, and you'll also be humming them all day, I promise.

  8. And all night - for years to come, so I'm told!


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