Monday, 4 August 2008


Here’s a picture of Charlie utterly transfixed by Teletubbies at Granny’s house one Sunday morning. There’s an almost identical pic of Sally (see below) at about the same age showing equally unfeasible powers of concentration whilst at Grandma’s. Whatever magic keeps kids entertained has clearly been sprinkled in abundance on this programme. It was Iris Murdoch’s favourite in her latter years, too. And I'm delighted that it's still on, even at six-thirty on a Sunday morning!


  1. Ah yes, I remember it well. With a small child you see hours of the day you never thought you'd see sober !

  2. Teletubbies is amazing - I don't think there's any baby that doesn't like it. Genius!

  3. What is it with the older generation and technology. So many years and still they can't learn to change channel;-). Nice pictures, and that both children have enjoyed Tinky Winky and La La.

  4. I loved Teletubbies because both my kids at the ages of 4 and 1 also did. Blissful silence for 20 minutes :)

  5. I think Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men was better!!!!

  6. But they were just in black-and-white, Gill.

  7. I can remember Tall Girl being transfixed by the Tellytubbies just like that. I'm sure I have a similar pic. We used to sit her on a little stool in front of the TV. It was a while before we realised that she thought she couldn't get off it!!!!


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