Sunday, 24 August 2008

Very stimulating!

Here's a pic of Charlie in the sensory room at the local Surestart centre. It's quite a mind-blowing experience - colour, sound and texture ever-changing; everything demanding your immediate attention and yet nothing doing so for long enough for anyone to get bored. It's remarkable, and the neuro-science behind it seems to have all the empirical justification you'd expect for the government to shell out money to provide it. But I bet that baby Einstein (Albert, that is) didn’t have such stimulation; Newton probably made do with a simple whip and top, if that. So what exactly are the Surestart babies being stimulated for? Somebody suggested it was training for when our little darlings started clubbing; or perhaps the flashing lights and colours are simply what are needed for the neurons to adapt to children’s telly. Either way, each time the entertainment/stimulation bar is lifted, you can guarantee that other forms of ‘entertainment’ (school included) will be forced to up their own performance. And yet Charlie can amuse himself for ages with an empty tissue-box complete with an elastic band! Just don't tell the DCFS.


  1. I think you should suggest the old tissue box with an elastic band for their next installation...all you need is to make up some waffle to justify how it expands their minds and you're in!

  2. I use these multi sensory rooms at my parenting skills classes, I find the parents enjoy them more than the babies !

  3. I hear that soon the Surestart centres will be offering pre school GCSEs.

  4. wow..this is quite something. You should see our sensory room at school for our students with autism...nothing as fancy as this and it should be!:) ( I am an Educational Assistant at a primary school or you call them classroom assistants)

  5. that's an interesting programme, I Googled it, as I had never heard of it. It was saying its a Government programme, do you have to pay to take pre-schoolers there?

    My kids were always more interested in an empty cardboard box than fancy dancy toys, and you know it didn't do them any harm. Ds is an accountant and dd is in her final year doing her Masters in Information something or other......basically she will leave university and start at around $50,000 a year, she has a job lined up...........

    So let Charlie keep playing with the cardboard boxes!!!

    Gill in Canada

  6. Hi Mr Dotterel, I've nominated you on my blog to present your choice of 12 films. It's a little tradition that we have; but only if you feel like it though. Cheers!

  7. N3S loves sensory rooms and when he was around Charlie's age he was quite happy to spend hours shredding and tasting a catalogue or 3. Now he just goes through and wants everything on every page!


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