Monday, 18 August 2008

Answers (to the postcard question)

This should have been posted sooner, so apologies if anyone out there has been waiting, baited-breath style (very doubtful) but the server here in the metropolis of south Lincolnshire has been down. Typical. You spend a week in Wales (yes, it was the Welsh coast) in the middle of nowhere surrounded by mountains (everything above sea-level is a mountain when you live round here) with a better TV picture and a faster internet connection than you get in the so-called civilisation of Boston. Anyway, being in the vicinity of first-class cricket, we started off in Worcester - New Road, with the cathedral in the background, and England under 19s against New Zealand. From there we travelled into Wales, and it started raining. Heavily. Especially when we went to Laugharne, to visit the Boathouse. Still, Charlie warmed himself by Dylan Thomas's fire, and we dried out (a little) looking round the excellent displays. Next day we decided that it was the beach come what may, so we went to Aberreidy, complete with its abandoned slate-workings (responsible for the dark sand, Mr Clack) and Charlie has a paddle for the first time. He didn't like it much, but it was very cold. Then, miraculously, the weather cleared and we had a lovely day at Solva, walking along the cliff-top path and enjoying the sun. The sea was still after several days of gale-force winds, the little boats were out and it was one of those tranquil, timeless moments that somehow seems to represent an entire summer. That's what we'll remember; in a few months, once everything has dried out, that one day will represent the whole week's holiday at Chapel House, Blaenllyn (and that pic didn't need guessing). So, no-one managed a complete set of correct answers. Nevertheless, the judges (Sally and Sarah) have decided to award the prize to Mr Clack both for his geological perspicacity and logical deductivity. Now all I've got to do is get it to him!
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