Thursday, 10 July 2008

Too much!

Sometimes I feel we're doing too much. Like this morning, waking (in a panic) at seven-forty, dashing in to Charlie's room to find him lying on his tummy studying his dummy, then meeting Sally on the stairs bringing up three mugs of tea! And all just half-an-hour before we're meant to leave for school. Last night we sang the last of our (so-called) summer concerts (it was raining yet again); I'd already been to Lincoln singing evensong (the final one of term: the cathedral choir is now on holiday); there was no babysitter (and no car) so Sarah, Sally and Charlie had to have a lift and Charlie had to try and sleep through all the music (easy) and applause (more difficult). And as we were all then late for bed, Charlie woke at two a.m. for his eleven o'clock feed, which meant he failed to wake himself (and us) and six. Even Sally didn't wake 'til seven. And finding Charlie sleeping, she just went downstairs to put the kettle on! It's common for parents to feel that sometimes life seems to be run on their behalf by their children. But when your ten year old is making the tea and waking you up for school, things have really gone downhill. Or uphill. I'm still not quite sure.


  1. It's good that your nipper wants to make you tea, please don't dismiss it as a failing.

    I don't think Charlie could have a better big sister.

  2. I'm worn out reading that post! Thanks for popping in to mine. I feel an affiliation: parent, singer, teacher, etc. Will be back!

  3. Hey Tim, thanks for stopping by my blog, although I'm curious how you found me, since I've done very little posting of late! Your Charlie is a little doll, what a lovely boy!

  4. You're so right, Eddie! Difficult not to feel a touch inadequate at times, though.

    You're very welcome, working mum. Our profiles are remarkably similar but for the fact that - in seven days time - I will be 'ex' schoolteacher!

    Not quite sure myself, Jen. You must have posted on a blog that I was reading. Anyway, nice to find a fellow quitter!

  5. Life can get hetic cant it.
    Hope you enjoyed the tea!!

  6. The child is the father of the man, as they say, Mr Dotterel, so you can let your kids take on as many responsibilities (tea-making or otherwise) as they want! Thanks for stopping by my blog too.

  7. My pleasure, gadjo, and - yes - Sally is certainly playing 'grown-ups' all the time at present.

  8. I think it would be heavenly to have my daughter make me a cup of tea, any time...

  9. I'd call that a move in the right direction and one to be much encouraged.


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