Monday, 28 July 2008

Baptism of Fire!

It's almost two years to the day since Sarah and I got married; it was as hot and humid then as it's been this weekend. With family and friends coming from all points of the compass (almost) it's nice to meet up for a meal before a big event, as we did the night before our wedding and again on the evening before Charlie's Christening. The Ball House is a local hostelry known for good food (and beer) and with the space to accommodate large numbers. We met up there the night before our wedding without incident; we thought we'd do the same again on Saturday. But after what occurred I somehow doubt if we'll be back for a third time. No-one seemed to notice that the (welcome) breeze had suddenly lifted someone's paper napkin over a lighted candle and then up and across the table like a mini-version of the SS Hindenburg, finally crash landing in a basket full of bread rolls. And the emergency services (in the form of relatives - I was at the bar!) were too amused by the spectacle to respond with the swiftness necessary for damage limitation. Water was belatedly sought and place-mats utilised as fire-beaters, and eventually the flaming bread basket was thrown out of the open window (to the management's obvious disapproval).
Thankfully, the Christening yesterday passed off without incident (although there was a moment - during the lighting of the baptismal candle - when I feared that seven hundred years of church history might be about to go up in smoke). The service was wonderful; we had a house-full afterwards and Charlie acted like royalty, as if the whole thing - presents, adulation and attention - was his due (which I suppose, in a way, it is). And Boston Stump survived!


  1. Oh dear! So relieved to hear the Christening went without incident!!

  2. Lovely family snapshot! Your daughter looks amazingly like you!
    And Charlie is an old soul, I would think. Those very wise eyes!
    Glad you escaped Dante's Inferno - twice now it appears.

  3. Yes the ball house incident was very frightening wasn't it?

    Love Sally xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. I've just been reading Dietrich Bonhoeffer's account of being a godparent at his friend's baby's christening whilst he was locked up in prison - very moving indeed. Glad it went well despite everything!

  5. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog! My photo's were indeed of Scarborough! We used to go to Scarborough as well in the holidays when I was very small, then we moved here... and I appear to have taken root.
    The Christening picture is gorgeous, you all look so happy. I am glad you all had a lovely time and it passed without any bread baskets causing trouble!

  6. Ahhhh, suhweet photo! Charlie looks like he's about to jump out of your arms!

  7. That's how it feels too, most of the time.

  8. I'm sure babies know when they are the centre of attention. Daughter had a "don't I look beautiful?" look on her face for the entire day of her Christening despite being only 6 months old!

    It looked like a lovely, happy family occasion for Charlie!

  9. Glad the christening went smoothly!

  10. Thank you for visiting my blog.

    Lovely Christening photo. Charlie looks like a real little star.

  11. Glad you left the Stump unharmed. As a kid we went shopping in Boston about once a month, and I really cherish the memory of the pause for a cup of tea and a cake in the Tea Caravan next to the aforesaid erection.

    Happy memories, thank you!


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