Friday, 4 July 2008

Allergy testing

Apparently Charlie's eczema is severe enough to make him statistically more likely to develop serious nut allergies, so we've been to St Thomas' hospital in London for the past couple of days to have him tested and to enrol on a research project. This simply involves either eating or not eating peanut products for the next five years, and Charlie has been put into the 'not' category. No initial allergy to nuts showed up (although there was a mild reaction to eggs) so it will be interesting to see whether avoidance makes a difference to whatever allergy might ultimately develop. Initial results seem to suggest that both avoidance and regular exposure yield the same results (no allergy) and that occasionally eating peanut products might be the biggest problem. We'll see. Meanwhile, Charlie passed his MoT and got to play with some amazing toys. In spite of skin pricks and blood tests yesterday he was smiling broadly as we went back to the ward for the results. He even beamed at the (highly skilled) phlebotomist as she appeared again to take some swabs (understandably, she had the most exciting toys). Clearly Charlie has a good memory for pleasure and forgets the pain.


  1. Glad that there hasn't been a nut allergy reaction. I work in a school where we have several children who carry epi-pens & we have all had to have training to revive children with anaphaleptic shock! Obviously wrong spelling! One child has a severe egg allergy too!
    Thanks for visiting my blog! Charlie is lovely!

  2. Poor old Charlie. It's good that you have a result and know what to do. There are so many more children with allergies these days.

    My Small Sprog has eczema and I've been told homiopathy is good. I might have to go that way as nothing else seems to be working.

    Thanks for de-lurking (twice!)

  3. You're right about the growing numbers with such allergies in school, MM. Ten years ago we had oour first such pupil and we all had lengthy training and it seemed such a big deal; now we have about a dozen, we still have annual training, but people take it in their stride. I'll look into the homeopathy, Suburbia, although at present (thankfully) the creams and potions are all working.

  4. Hello Dotterel, and thanks for visiting my blog. Your son I must say, is so cute! Sorry to read about all the pricking going on but he does sound like a real trooper, and in very capable hands. I'm glad the toys keep him amused. You have an interesting blog here...

  5. Thanks, Lavinia! He's very cute during daylight hours, but at night he turns into a crying monster! (Only now and then, though).

  6. Have you tried giving Charlie raw (unpasteurized) milk for his eczema?

    Try these articles, the real milk site is fantastic:

    My eldest daughter suffered from allergies and ear infections and we took her off all pasteurized milk products and now we all eat raw milk, butter and cheese every day, plus cod liver oil. She has improved I would say 90% from the way she was before.

    You can get raw dairy from Farmers markets around the UK.

    You may also want to look at this site: it is fascinating reading:

    We are fortunate to live near to the swiss village where Price did his research.

    Also think carefully about vaccinating and do your research into exactly what is in every single vaccine Charlie may have.

    Let me know if you have any questions!!!!

    hope this helps, he's a cute boy by the way!!!
    Lune x

  7. Thanks for this - very helpful. Given his egg allergy, we'll have to be careful about vaccinations using albumen as a medium.

  8. hello, just butting in on this discussion, have you looked into whether he might have a dust mite allergy? My eldest had terrible eczema, and she is allergic to dust mites. they are in the bed, and carpets. if his symptoms are worse at night, it might be something to do with it. You could try airing his room, buying special bedding, or if you're not sure about the latter, wash his bedding at 60 degrees every week (below 60 doesn't kill the dust mites), and - you'll love this one - hoover his mattress every day, and make sure all his bedding is hung over a chair, preferably in the sun; dust mites don't like the light.

    i realise that i sound like a bizarre dust mite freak, but thought it might help. my daughter's eczema always flares up if i let my bedding routine slip for a few days.


    my word verification was 'foxyshe', it sounds like a porn name ;-)

  9. Thanks very much for that - we're looking into all suggestions at the moment. It's amazing how common the problem is!


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