Friday, 4 July 2008

Allergy testing

Apparently Charlie's eczema is severe enough to make him statistically more likely to develop serious nut allergies, so we've been to St Thomas' hospital in London for the past couple of days to have him tested and to enrol on a research project. This simply involves either eating or not eating peanut products for the next five years, and Charlie has been put into the 'not' category. No initial allergy to nuts showed up (although there was a mild reaction to eggs) so it will be interesting to see whether avoidance makes a difference to whatever allergy might ultimately develop. Initial results seem to suggest that both avoidance and regular exposure yield the same results (no allergy) and that occasionally eating peanut products might be the biggest problem. We'll see. Meanwhile, Charlie passed his MoT and got to play with some amazing toys. In spite of skin pricks and blood tests yesterday he was smiling broadly as we went back to the ward for the results. He even beamed at the (highly skilled) phlebotomist as she appeared again to take some swabs (understandably, she had the most exciting toys). Clearly Charlie has a good memory for pleasure and forgets the pain.
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