Friday, 20 June 2008

I have never...

Listening to Peter Carey on this morning's 'Desert Island Discs' (something I can do now Year 11 have left) all the things I've never done occurred to me, like... living in a commune, living in New York, emigrating from Australia, listening to Bob Dylan and, of course, appearing on Desert Island Discs. What I have done is... I've been a teacher now for over twenty years, and decided that I have to give it up. An article in The Times yesterday suggested that recruiting top policeman was in crisis (there have been just four applications for Chief Constable of Greater Manchester); The Guardian earlier this week claimed schools would soon have to appoint non-teachers as their Heads. I'm in a senior management position at a good school; I have all the qualifications and experience; there was an expection that I would go on and yet I want to go no further. Why? Is it the targets? The relentless pressure? All the changes? All of the above, and more. Fundamentally, it is a desire simply not to be a teacher for another twenty years. It's time to do more; time to change. Time to put my children first instead of spending my dwindling energy on other peoples. Time to paint and write and watch the birds and see the sunlight on the leaves; time to walk with Charlie in the park; time to meet Sally at the school gates; time to teach my son about the world he's growing up in and help my daughter cope with all the stuff (like the eleven-plus and changing school) that's happening in hers. Time, in other words, to be a parent - full-time, for a change.


  1. It's interesting maybe it's an age thing, something clicks about 42 and you begin to think so much of what you have done isn't what you would have done had you known all that is left undone. I saw a list at te side of a blog some weeks back of "Things to Do before I Die" and I fully intend to get round to my own, in fact starting the list is the first item.

  2. You're right (although I hadn't thought of it like that). I'm 42!


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