Friday, 13 June 2008

Friday the 13th

And Charlie's five month birthday! Last night he slept from eleven p.m. to five o'clock this morning. Progress. Six hours solid sleep for Sarah! For the last five months we have survived on naps, got used to (very) early mornings and even earlier nights. I had forgotten just how tired you can be and still get out of bed each morning, get dressed, make Sally's sandwiches, take Sarah tea and then get Sally and myself to school. A piece on 'Womans' Hour' today discussing fatherhood suggested dads now take a much more active part in parenting, but added that they still don't pull their weight with household chores. What household chores? If there's been the time, we haven't had the energy. And whatever has absolutely needed to be done has been largely down to me (which seems a fair division of labour, in the absence of lactating breasts). It could be worse, though. Early today a blogger (dgny) posted this... ...I was a raving feminist until I went trekking in Thailand. I was talking to some women in a village in the mountain, asking them why they did all the work and let the men lay around all day smoking opium.They pointed out that before they got the men hooked, there had been problems with rape and wars between villages and the chores never being done. Now they could live in peace and since they had to do the chores either way... Makes my increased consumption of red wine seem rather harmless!

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