Wednesday, 14 May 2008

I Quit!

Well, the deed is done. Yesterday I was finally granted an audience with the Head and told her of my plans. I don't think that she was entirely surprised. So I'm officially working out my notice, and I've got four months - and four pay cheques - left. The sense of immense relief was slightly less than I'd anticipated, largely because the decision had already been made. The day when Sarah and I agreed that I would stay at home was the day of air-punching and general jubilation; my resignation was just confirmation of the decision. So far, so many people have been so supportive that the inevitable doubts are easy to dismiss. Approval has been widespread, envy even; so many people seem to think that it's the right thing to spend time with Charlie while he's growing up. And the world of work will not be closed to me forever: this is not retirement, exactly; this is more of a career break, or an alternative (unpaid) career. Either way, I'm now committed to it and - like any new job - I'm already making plans. There are the toddler groups that we'll attend, and there's the park to visit; there will be swimming, painting, making things and learning in all sorts of ways about the world we live in. I'll be doing all the shopping and the cooking and the cleaning too, making sure that Sarah can devote her time to Charlie when she's home from teaching other people's kids. And if I'm honest, I can hardly wait.

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  1. Big leap! It makes a pleasant change seeing somebody doing this for very positive reasons, though.

    Good luck with it Tim.


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