Saturday, 3 May 2008

Flapping - if not flying - colours

Well, we didn't fail - we passed, with mostly 'goods' and one 'outstanding'. That's about as much as we could hope for, really. And the whole thing wasn't nearly as bad as in the past. Three years ago - our last full week inspection - I was having Ofsted dreams throughout and at the end we really did feel that we'd been put through the mincer. But I can't work out if, this time, it's the new two-day inspection which has made the whole thing manageable or the fact that - with a new Head - we've been feeling stressed out and inspected all year long; we're just used to it.  Anyway, at least now I can concentrate on proper targets for a change - like getting Charlie to sleep for longer than four hours between feeds (especially at night); reducing the number of leaky nappies (another two last night, both requiring a change of clothing); investing in his trust fund. With the roller-coaster interest rates of late I've rather lost track of the best deals, and am therefore well behind deciding where the government's £250 should go. Any ideas, anyone? 
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