Sunday, 4 May 2008

An Evening Out

Lovely meal last night at Joe and Julie's - good food, good wine, good company - and best of all the fact that Charlie remained sound asleep until we'd finished! We'd taken him ready-changed for bed, and Sarah fed him (only once fending off a curious dog) while we had our aperitif. Then, with perfect timing, he was tucked up in his carry-cot and quiet just as we sat down to dinner. It's not the first time he's been out with us - he made his debut with Cantemus ( a couple of weeks ago, only objecting (out-of-tune and loudly) at the very end of the rehearsal, which I took to be a comment on my singing rather than the music we were practising. Sarah and I have been out without him for a few hours leaving Charlie with a babysitter, most recently last Wednesday so that we could both take part in a Cantemus concert. But last night we were in his hands - he could have had a screaming fit and made things rather difficult for everyone. Instead he was a perfect angel, which encouraged us (I mean me - Sarah was the driver) to accept our host's most generous hospitality to the full. The next line should go on to say how much he made me pay for it this morning - but he didn't. He woke early, yes, and had a feed and then went back to sleep again. And on a Sunday. So we had (I hesitate to type this) a Sunday morning lie in, just like normal people. Very glad of it I was as well. So thanks for last night, Joe and Julie. And for this morning, thanks to Charlie.

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  1. We like the blog because it gives us some inside information that we never seem to have time to talk about when we phone.


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