Thursday, 8 May 2008

At Last!

We weren't exactly in bed early yesterday - not by the standards of the last four months, at least. I went up at ten o'clock and Sarah followed shortly after. The usual routine is that we get a few hours sleep (two, or maybe three) before Charlie wakes up for another feed. And then, at four or five, he'll have another. So that's two feeds in the night, most nights, for the last four months. I can't claim any of the credit for them, either. If I change a nappy now and then to help out Sarah, that's about as much as I do other than get woken up. But last night... well! Sarah bathed the baby early while I cooked our supper, then instead of Charlie feeding afterwards and going straight to bed, he came downstairs and watched, contented, while we had our meal. He was so good Sarah then suggested that we take him with us to the Stump - the local parish church ( - for choir practice once he'd fed. So Charlie made his debut at St Botolph Singers. 'If Ye Love Me' was his lullaby, although he stirred dramatically - but only briefly - when the choir gave full vent to the three fortissimo 'Hosannas' in the communion setting we were practising. Once home, of course, he woke and Sarah fed him once again and put him in his cot. And shortly afterwards we went to bed. And slept. And slept. And so did he. Unfortunately Sarah woke at four urgently needing to express some milk but I slept on 'til after six. And so did Charlie! And we all woke up this morning not quite able to believe it.

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