Sunday, 20 April 2008

Sally's bedroom

Sally's back from her weeks holiday in Northumberland, and is keen to see the carpet in her soon-to-be new bedroom. Since coming home from hospital, Charlie's been sleeping in with us. But now he's starting to outgrow the carry-cot; he'll need the real thing soon, and that means moving to a bedroom of his own. We've talked about this - off and on - for ages. Sally's been excited about moving bedrooms - she chose new lilac lamps and bedding as her Christmas present - but the reality has merely been a distant prospect on a fluffy pink horizon. Signs that things were moving on occured a week or two ago when she announced that she would like to sleep up there that very evening. Seizing on the opportunity, I put her new blind up (removing the old curtains that she hates) and after lunch we went out carpet hunting, finding one she liked and arranging for it to be fitted while she was on holiday. So far, so good. But later on that day, once she'd moved her teddies upstairs and arranged her things how she wanted them, she came downstairs in floods of tears, crying that she’d miss her old room with it’s pink walls, the ones I ‘painted specially’ for her and her nice pink blind. What she’ll really miss, of course, is just the status quo - she hates change. So we end up saying she can sleep back in her old room anytime, that she can gradually move up taking it one night at a time and so on, and she’s quickly back to being excited about the whole thing once again. But by bedtime as she snuggles in beneath the double duvet and luxuriates in the warmth of the electric blanket it’s not ‘goodnight’ she calls out as I go downstairs, but ‘wish me luck!’


  1. Thats true I was really upset but now I really like it, I am glad that I can still sleep in my old roon even though Charlie will be in there!

    From Sally xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I'm glad you like it now, Sally. I must say that your purple room looks very nice! xxx


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