Friday, 18 April 2008

Home alone

Almost in preparation for the coming plan Sarah's going out this morning, so I’m staying in and keeping house – one load of washing done, the breakfast made and I’ve got something planned for supper. But I’m also thinking – only five more pay cheques left! I’ve never been very interested in money. But then, I’ve never not had any. Not since I was a student, anyway. And back then you weren’t expected to have any. Summer jobs paid for most things that the grant didn’t cover, even for a car in my final year. (Bought for the princely sum of £45 from a friend!) Summer jobs dragging chains along the sides of roads and shovelling tar, or in the County Records Office painfully transcribing parish registers. And earning money, something that I’ve done for over twenty years, something that I’ve always had even though at times I might not urgently have needed it. Of course, a fat portfolio of investments would just do the trick. Even a huge cash ISA. I’ve done my homework - £500 per month will pay the bills, and you could earn that as the interest on a hundred grand. But how to get a hundred grand? And how to pay for all the other things that civilised life demands, like wine or eating out, or holidays? And then, of course, there is the sheer irresponsibility of it – just as Charlie needs an earning daddy (and a mummy) most, one half of the piggy bank gets broke. And think of all the nappies, jars of baby food and clothes and toys, school uniform and books and trips and birthday presents, Christmas presents, bicycles and holidays he’ll need. And then what? University fees if he should choose to go. There are many sound financial reasons why a nursery – and a full-time working father – makes more sense.

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  1. Ah you'll be grand. James and I managed to get used to living without my salary and I'm sure that Charlie needs a parent around far more than he needs a fancy nursery. We're banking on this as far as our own offspring are concerned, certainly...:)



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