Friday, 26 May 2017

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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Welcome to London Marcus Farina

It's Sunday, which means it's book giveaway day. And today I've not just one, but THREE copies of a wonderful new picture book from Marcus Farina to give away.

Welcome to London is a brand-new title from Button Books. This fabulous new travel picture book combines a lovely retro style of classic British design with all the excitement of discovery packed into this fabulous capital city.

Bound in hardback with a stylish cloth jacket and printed in gorgeous warm colours this is a book to be treasured as well as a book full of treasures.

To win one of the three copies of Welcome to London by Marcus Farina simply choose an option on the Rafflecopter entry form below.

Good luck!

Meanwhile, in other book news, these three stunning new titles have arrived and are already being avidly consumed by the resident bookworms.

Where’s Wally? The Colouring Collection is a transportable Where's Wally? colouring book filled with page after page of busy black and white pictures with a small splash of colour to give you inspiration! With a sturdy notebook binding and an elastic close, your creativity can journey with you wherever you wander to. There's even an extra-large fold-out dinosaur poster to colour in with friends. Wow! Have YOU found Wally yet?

King of the Sky is the latest book by children's author Nicola Davies, illustrated by Laura Carlin, - winner of the Bratislava Illustration Biennale and the Bologna Ragazzi Prize for Illustration. Starting a new life in a new country, a young boy feels lost and alone – until he meets an old man who keeps racing pigeons. Together they pin their hopes on a race across Europe and the special bird they believe can win it: King of the Sky. Nicola Davies’ beautiful story – an immigrant’s tale with a powerful resonance in our troubled times – is illustrated by an artist who makes the world anew with every picture.

Finally, from Alice Tait (illustrator of the iconic London Range) comes No, Nancy, No! a stylish, action-packed lift-the-flap book – the perfect introduction to the capital city for first-time sightseers! Blending her joyful London landscapes with the story of a mischievous little girl, Nancy, and her long-suffering dachshund, Roger, Alice creates a wild and calamitous chase by boat, bus and bike across all of London's most famous and best sights – from Buckingham Palace to the Tower of London… With over fifteen flaps throughout, an incredible pop-up Nelson's column and a fold-out map, young readers will delight in this interactive adventure, and will love joining in with Roger's catchy refrain: “NO, NANCY, NO!”

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, 19 May 2017

Print the legend

The story of Lawrence of Arabia is one of the Great War's most enduring legends. It's Indiana Jones but for real - shy archaeologist excavating crusader castles in Arabia turns guerrilla leader (on behalf of the British Empire) inspiring Arab rebels to overthrow their evil Turkish masters.

And in doing so, of course, helping to knock Germany's chief ally out of the war...

The Arab revolt (which began on June 5th 1916) was a long, bitter campaign fought under a variety of commands. Lawrence himself was just one of many British and French military personnel sent to assist the revolt.

His appeal seems to stem from his decision to 'go native'. Often pictured not only wearing a keffiyeh (headdress) but also an ornate besht (gown) given to him by Prince Faisal, Lawrence - who spoke fluent Arabic - became convinced that he was genuinely advancing the cause of Arab freedom.

After the war he attended the Paris Peace Conference still clinging to the belief that what he'd done would lead to Arab self-rule. But it was not to be. The Sykes-Picot agreement had already divided the spoils of the Ottoman Empire between the British and the French.

Lawrence ended the war holding the rank of Lt. Colonel. But, disillusioned with the outcome at Versailles, and in an effort to withdraw from public life he re-enlisted - twice - under an assumed name, serving as either a private soldier in the army or a humble aircraftsman in the recently-formed RAF. He retired to his cottage - Clouds Hill, in Dorset - in 1935 but was killed while riding his Brough Superior motorbike a few months later, on 19th May. He was just 46.

If your image of T.E.Lawrence is Peter O'Toole in dazzling white headdress, blue eyes burning, hands blood-soaked from another mass slaughter then the facts of Lawrence's troubled post-war life and early death might be something of a disappointment. But when the legend becomes fact, print the legend as it says in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. And the Lawrence legend certainly lives on.

Lawrence's retirement home - a simple Dorset woodsman's cottage - is owned by the National Trust and open to the public. Here are some photos from our visit last year:

You can find out more about Clouds Hill here:

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Super Geek Heroes

As a teacher I sometimes despair of the way learning becomes more and more like 'fun' - how can I compete? And when it's also as soundly educational as the new Super Geek Heroes Animated Series I sometimes fear I'll soon be out of a job!

The Super Geek Heroes are an animated group of super-kids... with the tagline having fun in turn with a mission to learn! Their seven friendly ‘super-powers’ derive from the three prime and four specific development areas of the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ resulting in the following super characters:

·      Personal, Social and Emotional Development - Suzi Smiles

·      Understanding the World - Peter Planet

·      Communication & Language - Vicky Voice

·      Literacy - Jake Jotter

·      Numeracy - Mille Maths

·      Physical Development - Ant Active

·      Creative Arts & Design - Ronnie Rock

I've just had a look with Charlie - and he's impressed. And if he's impressed, I'm impressed. You can have a look at the playlist on Youtube here: as well as finding out more about the concept on their website - visit (where there's also a special page explaining the concept for parents

And that's not all!

If you'd like to win a free 6 month subscription to KidsCast APP where you can download and view Super Geek Heroes on the go or cast to your TV, then simply watch the following clip and answer this question:

  • Which continent is number 7 in Peter Planets lesson?

Leave a comment with your answer between now and midnight Wednesday (17th May 2017). Good luck!

Thursday, 4 May 2017


Dear Sir/Madam:

Thank you for your complimentary comments on my blog [INSERT SITE HERE].

I'm delighted to know you read it regularly and particularly enjoyed my post on [INSERT POST HERE].

In answer to your question, yes, we do accept guest posts. But then, as such an avid reader and admirer you already know that. It's not difficult to find out on [INSERT SITE HERE].

I'm delighted that your post will be 100% unique and tailored specifically to my website audience. I'd expect nothing less of someone who clearly spends so long researching suitable sites to place their content.

As for our fee... oh wait, you don't mention a fee. That obviously means you think I'm perfectly happy to host your stuff - no doubt with links - for free. While you - or someone you write for - makes some money.

No matter. Pledge for my book and I'll consider the article anyway.

What? You didn't know I'd written one? Or that it was currently crowdfunding with Unbound?

Of course not. After all, you don't even seem to know my [INSERT NAME HERE].

And it's not too difficult to find.

On that blog you read so avidly, so regularly...

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